alex rider season 3 release date


Alex Rider Season 3 Release Date: Cast | Plot | Trailer | Latest Updates!

Mai K. Sosa

Fans of the action-packed espionage series “Alex Rider” are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the release date for its third season. Following the success of the first two seasons, which introduced audiences to the thrilling world of teenage spy Alex Rider, the anticipation is high for the next installment.

In this article, we’ll explore the current status of Alex Rider Season 3 and dive into the excitement surrounding its imminent release.

When Will Alex Rider Season 3 Be Released?

Although the release date for Alex Rider season 3 has not yet been announced, we believe it will air in late 2023 or early 2024 based on the confirmation date.

alex rider season 3 release date

The drama series’ third season was first confirmed in August 2022, thus it has been slightly more than a year since the news was made public. About a year passed between the announcement and the second season’s release.

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Additionally, we are aware that filming started in October 2022 and is thought to have ended in March 2023. That being said, we believe a 2023 release date for the best thriller series for kids is becoming less and less feasible given that we haven’t heard anything and haven’t seen a single teaser or trailer.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Alex Rider Season 3?

Naturally, a lot of the characters died in the second season, but we anticipate seeing several well-known faces in the cast of Alex Rider season three, including Otto Farrant as Alex Rider.

Here is the list of expected cast members in season 3:

  • Otto Farrant as Alex Rider
  • Stephen Dillane as Alan Blunt
  • Thomas Levin as Yassen Gregorovitch
  • Marli Siu as Kyra Vashenko-Chao
  • Ace Bhatti as John Crawley
  • Vicky McClure as Mrs Jones
  • Brenock O’Connor as Tom Harris
  • Ronke Adékoluẹjo as Jack Starbright
  • Charithra Chandran as Sabina Pleasance

What Will Happen in Alex Rider Season 3?

It seems likely that the third season of Alex Rider will follow the storyline of Scorpia, the fifth novel in the series, given the new characters who have been added to the cast.

alex rider season 3 release date

The first season of the show started with Stormbreaker, the first book in the series, then moved on to Eagle Strike, the fourth novel, in the second season. However, it appears that the fifth volume will be the focus of Alex Rider’s storyline given how many of the new characters are connected to the enigmatic group known as “Scorpia.”

In the book, Alex Rider searches for Scorpia to learn the truth about his father’s fate. Alex is then hired by Julia Rothman to serve as an assassin for the company. His initial task? to assassinate his previous handler, Mrs. Jones. Naturally, Alex soon learns of Scorpia’s evil plans and returns to work for MI6 inside Scorpia, this time as a double agent.

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We ultimately learn more about Alex’s parents in the book, so we anticipate that information will also be included in the on-screen version. But, depending on how far the creators wish to push the narrative, they might merely give us tidbits of knowledge to entice us to return for more.

Is there a Trailer for Alex Rider Season 3?

The third season of Alex Rider does not yet have a trailer, but if a release date is not announced before the end of the year, we could not expect it as soon as 2024. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 2 below:


The anticipation for Alex Rider Season 3 is a testament to the series’ ability to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. As the release date draws near, fans continue to revisit earlier seasons, immerse themselves in the source material, and engage in the shared excitement that comes with the countdown to new episodes.

The third season promises to be another thrilling chapter in the high-stakes world of Alex Rider, leaving fans worldwide eagerly awaiting the moment when they can once again step into the shoes of this extraordinary teenage spy.

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