8 Intersting Facts About "Ghost Whisperer"


8 Intersting Facts About “Ghost Whisperer”


The CBS series Ghost Whisperer lasted for five seasons before being abruptly canceled in May 2010. Jennifer Love Hewitt portrayed Melinda Gordon, a lady who can communicate with spirits and assists those who are having difficulty passing over to the light, in the supernatural drama series as its lead.

Hewitt was also a co-producer for the show. Ghost Whisperer has been off the air for eight years; here are eight facts you probably didn’t know about the show!

1/8 Series Cancellation

Jennifer Love Hewitt was the most stunned to learn that Ghost Whisperer was being canceled. In an interview with Zap2it, she stated that, although she was aware that the program was coming to a close, she was unaware that it would stop so quickly.

8 Intersting Facts About "Ghost Whisperer"

“It was a tremendous shock for me… I believed that the upcoming season would be the last because the program had been running for so long. It is difficult to come up with fresh ideas that would keep people interested, but I never in a million years believed it would be our last season,” she remarked. (© CBS / Courtesy: Everett Collection)

2/8 The Town of Grandview

The pilot episode of Ghost Whisperer was shot in Old Town Orange in Orange County. The rest of the episodes are shot on the backlot of Universal Studios in Hollywood. The Back to the Future trilogy and Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, and The Dukes of Hazzard were all shot in the town of Grandview. ( Hollywood.com Staff/Syndicated by: CBS)

3/8 Worked with Real Psychics

James Van Praagh, a world-renowned psychic, was a co-executive producer on all five seasons of Ghost Whisperer. Despite the fact that most of the program is dramatized for entertainment purposes, he still draws on a great deal of his work and expertise when developing the show.

8 Intersting Facts About "Ghost Whisperer"

“To a degree it’s entertaining. For me, it was a feeling of, and all my work as far as the movies I’ve done for television and the books I’ve written…basically, it’s entertainment, that’s what television is all about.

In an interview with Movie Web, Praagh stated, “I prefer to use that medium as effectively as I can to spread the information and the message of life beyond death; about spiritual existence, if you will.” ( Source: vanpraagh.com ) 

4/8 Jennifer Love Hewitt Didn’t Like the Ending

Jennifer Love Hewitt was left with an unpleasant feeling when Ghost Whisperer came to a close because she felt the authors failed to properly tie up the plot.

The series’ conclusion left too many questions unanswered and did not do the show credit. “I did not believe that the series concluded as Melinda deserved. I despise the fact that the audience was left hanging.

When you’ve taken them on such a lengthy journey, the least you can do is bid them farewell. “We were unable to conclude a performance about unresolved business,” she remarked. ( ©CBS / Courtesy Everett Collection )

5/8 Show Based on Mary Ann Winkowski

Mary Ann Winkowski, a spirit communicator, had real-life paranormal encounters upon which the show was loosely based. She served as a paid consultant on Ghost Whisperer for several months.

8 Intersting Facts About "Ghost Whisperer"

She traveled to Los Angeles during production to display her skills to the show’s authors and star actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt. She was founded by best-selling psychic James Van Praagh, who also served as a co-executive producer for the show. ( Source: www.myrecalledlife.com )

6/8 Budget Cuts

As we now know, the apparently successful series was abruptly terminated due mostly to a declining audience and rising costs. In 2009, a year before the series was terminated, Hewitt spoke with E! News about the show’s significant financial constraints.

“Because we are a special effects program, part of our special effects equipment had to be halved. There have been no actor rises for the fifth season.

Several budget cuts were necessary. They have even discussed shooting our program in HD to save money, according to Hewitt. ( ©CBS / Courtesy Everett Collection )

7/8 Fire on Set

In June 2008, a big fire broke out on the backlot of Universal Studios, destroying the “New York Street” where the majority of Ghost Whisperer was shot. Strangely, the next season’s premiere episode of Ghost Whisperer, which followed the fire, was entirely about arson!

8 Intersting Facts About "Ghost Whisperer"

It was a complete coincidence. In fact, the fire occurred just as they were about to send out the script for that episode, which gave us all pause. “Isn’t the title of our first episode ‘The Firestarter?'” It was one of those strange happenings, said Hewitt. ( ©CBS / courtesy Everett Collection )

8/8 Haunting Stories on Set

Even though the show frequently features ghosts, they are not real! During the filming of Ghost Whisperer, however, many of the performers and production staff saw actual hauntings and spirits that weren’t meant to be there, which is really terrifying! In an interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt, she provided instances of incidents that have occurred on set: “I think it’s extremely fascinating and thrilling, and all sorts of things have occurred.

My makeup artist, when we took a picture of her, had a white film on her face; however, ten minutes later, when we took another picture of her, there was no white film. And we had James [Van Praagh] examine it, and he said, “Absolutely. ‘A ghost is tied to her.’ We’ve had lights burst. This is Jay Mohr’s favorite tale… I’ve had them appear frequently in my photographs. “I find it exciting,” Hewitt added. (

Hollywood.com Staff/Syndicated by: CBS )

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