13 Best Alternatives Shows to House of the Dragon That Fans Should Watch!


13 Best Alternatives Shows to House of the Dragon That Fans Should Watch!


This article lists 13 shows you really must see that are similar to the HBO series House of the Dragon.

HBO Max is presently offering House of the Dragon for streaming. Here are 10 television shows similar to the recent fantasy program. Because they feel like an event, fantasy shows have always been extremely popular with viewers. It’s comforting to know that there are several stories available that people may identify with.

When viewing a fantasy series, there are always things to keep an eye out for. We search for interesting supporting characters, intricate character arcs, and a gripping narrative to keep viewers watching. These three elements are found in each series on this list.

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch

Game of Thrones (2011)

Naturally, Game of Thrones’ original season is the first to watch while binge-watching House of the Dragon. Everyone around the globe came together thanks to the HBO definition of a weekly event. Because of how excellent this program was, watching Sunday evenings on HBO was always a genuine thrill.

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch- Game of Thrones (2011)

The plot was convoluted, and there were several complicated individuals who would be exceedingly dishonest. Although it was difficult to trust anyone in the series, there were undoubtedly certain favorites. It’s time to find out what happened to House Targaryen now that they are in the limelight.

The Witcher (2019)

The Witcher is a popular video game among players. No one would have ever expected that Henry Cavill would play Geralt of Rivia, a figure that everyone had hoped to see in a live-action film.

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch- The Witcher (2019)

One of the top-rated Netflix series to date, the surreal aspects immerse you in the realm. The cast is impressive, but Yennefer and the other female characters really stand out (Anya Charlota). There is magic, some theft, and some fantastic Jaskier music (Joey Batey).

The Sandman (2022)

The Sandman on Netflix is perfect if you enjoy Neil Gaiman’s writing. Gaiman has always been a superb writer, and the ideas he develops have depth. He depicts the dream world with Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus, hell with Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer Morningstar, and of course, mankind in this series.

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch- the sandman (2022)

He uses these religious themes while enhancing the plot with paranormal aspects. Many brilliant characters investigate the human aspect of particular moral dilemmas in an effort to comprehend the inhabitants of Earth.

Wheel of Time (2021)

Fans of Rosamund Pike were happy to see her return when she opted to take part in the Wheel of Time streaming series on Amazon Prime. It takes place in a realm of high fantasy where magic exists but is only accessible to a select few. Five young men and women, including Moiraine (Pike), cross paths with her.

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch- Wheel of Time (2021)

This starts a perilous, global trip. It is based on the Robert Jordan novel series. It did bridge the gap between other fantasy programs and had excellent production design. The world-building of the first season captured viewers’ attention.

Outlander (2014)

Historical fantasy and epic romance combine in Outlander. The basic concept is that Claire (Caitriona Balfe), an English battle medic from 1945, is for some reason transported back to 1743. She encounters an extremely attractive soldier called Jamie Fraser as she travels back in time (Sam Heughan).

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch- Outlander (2014) movie

Diana Gabaldon is the author of the novels, and in telling their journey, she successfully straddles a number of literary genres. Since they will constantly run across each other in time, Claire and Jamie experience countless eras together. Even though it seems like a gentler tone, House of the Dragon-level brutality is present here.

Shadow and Bone (2021)

It makes considerably more sense to adapt fantasy books into television shows than into motion pictures. There is so much lore and complexity in books like Shadow and Bone. When Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Lei), an orphan mapmaker, unlocks an astonishing ability that might alter the course of her war-torn globe, evil forces plot against her.

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch- Shadow and Bone (2021)

Because it should occur more frequently, it is always exciting to see a woman at the head of the fantasy series. Fantasy books more than other genres encapsulate the idea that women are always the stars of their own stories. Although romance may be present, it does not define them.

Vikings (2013)

Due to its placement on the History channel, the six-season Vikings television series received little attention. You can watch it right now on Amazon Prime for everyone. The show takes viewers to Ragnar Lothbrok’s dark and enigmatic universe. A farmer and warrior from the Viking era who longs to explore and raid distant places across the ocean.

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch- Vikings (2013)

This show is captivating because of its historical authenticity, which helps viewers comprehend the past a little better. This might be its disadvantage because other fantasy programs won’t correctly reflect medieval lore in the same manner.

American Gods (2017)

The inspiration for American Gods came from Neil Gaiman, who is known for creating characters who constantly bring something new to the table. He may put people in such trying circumstances and make them think about their morality each time.

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch- American Gods

Ricky Whittle’s character Shadow, a freshly released ex-convict, encounters Ian McShane’s character Wednesday, a mystery guy who claims to know more about Shadow’s life and history than he initially appears to. This one will undoubtedly suit you if Norse mythology is something you enjoy reading.

Westworld (2016)

Many viewers watched the HBO series Westworld, which debuted in 2016. The fantasy void was definitely filled by this and Game of Thrones. The narrative opens in Westworld, a made-up, high-tech theme park with a Wild West theme that is populated by artificial “hosts.”

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch- Westworld (TV Series 2016– )

The park caters to wealthy visitors who are free to engage in their wildest desires without worrying about punishment from the hosts, who are forbidden from injuring anyone by their programming. Because it might someday happen due to technical improvements, this is certainly one of the most fascinating ideas to watch come to life.

Foundation (2021)

Foundation is an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s bestselling book. The show follows a group of exiles on their epic quest to preserve mankind and revive civilization in the wake of the collapse of the Galactic empire. The Apple TV Plus series is wonderfully filmed and expands upon the setting of Asimov’s novels.

10 Series Like House of the Dragon You Must Watch- Foundation (2021)

All of these personalities working together to preserve mankind makes the plot interesting. The series delves into those personal, emotional moments while also examining mankind on a bigger scale. It presents the complexity of people in a new light.

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