IPL Mega Auctions 2022: Hugh Edmeades receives a standing ovation as he resumes his job as Auctioneer

Jeremy Caroll

Hugh Edmeades’ entrance into the Auction hall was praised when he entered after suffering from an unpleasant illness on Day 1 of Mega Auctions. Hugh will resume his previous duties in order to continue the auctions. Mr. Charu Sharma’s efforts in replacing Hugh in his absence and performing an absolutely fantastic role in the auctions are appreciated by the BCCI.


Hugh Edmeades fell due to Postural Hypotension, confirmed IPL official handle. Soon after his fall, everyone took lunch break and now its officially announced that Mr. Charu Sharma will continue the Mega Auction.

Soon after his fall, he was taken to hospital where he was examined.

In latest update, Indian Premier League tweeted, “Mr. Hugh Edmeades, the IPL Auctioneer, had an unfortunate fall due to Postural Hypotension during the IPL Auction this afternoon.

The medical team attended to him immediately after the incident & he is stable. Mr. Charu Sharma will continue with the Auction proceedings today.”

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