Wriddhiman Saha refuses to name the Journalist who threatened the wicket keeper

Jeremy Caroll

Wriddhiman Saha has set the cricketing world on fire with his attempt to expose the people behind putting his career to rest. The perpetual stance of the wicketkeeper to stay on and off the playing but still remain to be the most senior and active wicket keepers in the Indian squad will finally come to rest as BCCI is no longer looking to pull the rope for the veteran keeper as the team has decided to pipe youngsters to the test side. However, after the exclusion from the squad, he exposed a Journalist who threatened him for not taking an interview call. Saha immediately dragged the Journalist to Twitter but the name. BCCI after learning about the incident, immediately, responded to investigate the matter and bring the Journalist to the task.

Wriddhiman Saha has, however, denied revealing the identity of the Journalist to the BCCI. “I haven’t received any communication from the BCCI yet. If they ask me to reveal the name (of the journalist), I would tell them it was never my intention to harm somebody’s career, to pull a person down. That’s why I didn’t reveal the name in my tweet. That’s not the teaching of my parents. The main purpose of my tweet was to expose the fact that there’s someone in the media who does such things, disrespecting a player’s wish,” Saha told The Indian Express.

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