“Little disappointed that I couldn’t finish it for India,” says Virat Kohli

Jeremy Caroll

Virat Kohli has made a great comeback, as his amazing half-century has dispelled any concerns and responsibilities that had been raised in the wake of his dismal performance.

Virat Kohli’s disappointing performance came to an end after a brilliant 50 in the first innings of the second T20 between India and the West Indies at the legendary Edeb Gardens.

After the first innings, Virat was interviewed in a press conference for the first time in a long time, and Virat’s smart comments had enthralled the spectators.

In the interview, Virat mentioned that he felt confident from the first ball, and that his calm and cool demeanour helped him score excellent runs, but that he is unhappy that he was unable to complete the innings.

Virat also praised Rishabh Pant and Venkatesh Iyer’s partnership for guiding India to a total of 186 runs in the first innings.

“I wanted to continue in the same way, probably disappointed to get out at time I did because I set up the game nicely for me to go hard in the last 4-5 overs which is the way I bat, which is my strength,” added Virat Kohli.

Virat ended his statement by assuring everyone that he will continue to bat with this upbeat mentality. Fans were ecstatic after seeing their favourite batter make a spectacular half-century for the first time in a long time.

“When you play with responsibility over a long period of time, you tend to go into a mindset where you start thinking too much about whether you can take a risk or not,” said Virat.

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