‘Playing against Yuvraj was always a problem’: Pietersen explains why he referred to IND’s star as a ‘pie-chucker’; ‘I felt upset’

Jeremy Caroll

During England’s 2008 tour of India, Kevin Pietersen referred to Yuvraj Singh as a “pie-chucker.” The battle of words between the two players continued over time, with Yuvraj taking a veiled dig at Pietersen the following year during the T20 World Cup in England, saying he will send pies to him since he always gets him out.

Over 13 years later, Pietersen addressed the “pie-chucker” remark in a video for the Legends League Cricket, a league in which he and many other former cricket players are presently competing.Pietersen revealed why he gave Yuvraj the nickname, stating that facing the Indian was “always an issue.”

“It was always difficult to play against Yuvraj Singh.The left-arm spin was always a source of contention. But when Yuvraj entered the game, I felt this was my moment to score. Then he started knocking me over. The forward defensive block was my favourite shot against Yuvraj, so I grew upset. “With that defensive shot, you can go past this pie-chucker,” commented the former England captain.

“I dubbed Yuvraj a pie-chucker because he knocked me over a few of times and I didn’t want to tell the rest of the world how excellent he was.”You were utilising that scumbag provider. “You think I’m bigger than the other man, so you attempt to impose yourself on him, and he comes back at you,” he explained.

At the end of the film, Pietersen also stated that he and Yuvraj are “very, very close friends” and that the pie-chucker event was “fun at the time.”

Kevin Pietersen has rolled back the years with significant contributions for the World Giants team in the Legends League Cricket, posting scores of 14, 53, 86, and 11 in four matches thus far.

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