Everything Know About Benefits of Cricket

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Cricket is one of the most popular sports played worldwide. And it is most prevalent in India, England, and Australia, among other countries. And even though it originated from England, India is one of the best and most competitive in the game.

Though more prevalent among men, it is also played by women and children. And it does not matter if you do not have a field or two teams of 11 people each; you can enjoy cricket in your backyard with a couple of friends and family.

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10 Benefits of Playing Crickets

Playing cricket is a leisure activity anyone can and should try out because of these benefits.

Keeps You Fit

Once you start playing cricket, you might as well cancel your enrollment in a workout studio because cricket is one of the best sports for exercise. Considering the running around and swinging you must do, it is not surprising that it keeps you fit.

While playing cricket, you can burn up to 350 calories in an hour. And it is not only the calories you burn. It also uses up the blood sugar in your bloodstream, lowering the blood sugar level (Prevent diabetes.)

More so, when you play all day, your body will require more protein intake. And the protein will help to strengthen you and build your muscles.

Therefore, an hour playing cricket is equivalent to an hour and a half running on the treadmill. Plus, playing cricket is more fun.

Improves Heart Health

Another health benefit of cricket is how it improves heart functions. The more you run around, the higher your heart rate. And the heart needs this exercise to prevent blockage of the blood vessels.

Also, the more blood the heart pumps, the more oxygen the lungs absorb. And as the lungs absorb more oxygen, they can supply different organs adequately. When the lungs pump more oxygen to the brain, it can prevent conditions like stroke.

More so, the heart pumping more blood can reduce and prevent high blood pressure. Basically, most heart conditions can be fixed with more exercise.

Improves Motor Skills

Cricket involves different actions while playing the game. You throw, bowl, bat, swing, and catch. All these include movements of other body parts, enhancing your motor skills.

So, as you are working out your legs, you are working out the hands, quadriceps, hamstrings, and chest. So, regular cricket playing is working towards a toned body.

Improves Hand-eye Coordination

When playing cricket, your hand and eyes have to be in sync. So, with frequent cricket playing, your hand-eye coordination improves. Here are some actions in the game that enhances the hand-eye coordination

  • Determining the trajectory of a moving ball
  • Bowling precisely
  • Swinging and hitting a fast-moving ball
  • Throwing a ball far off accurately to deter a runner

Enhances Focus and Agility

Another benefit of playing cricket is how it enhances your focus. With a ball moving at high speed in your direction, you have no choice but to concentrate fully on it.

The fast-moving ball also means you must be under pressure while making quick and precise decisions. If you are a batter, you must be proactive in taking shots when the bowler throws the ball. And if you are the bowler, you need to be able to predict the batter’s shot direction.

All these analyses improve your agility, decision-making, and focus.

Improves Balance and Stamina

Stamina is something that goes along with physical activity, but with cricket, you gain extra stamina. In cricket, the running around, bowling, and movement force you to work on your balance and stamina. So, the more you play it, the better your stamina and balance.

Improves Self-Confidence

Improving your self-confidence is a daily or regular practice, and it involves you believing in yourself. But with cricket playing, you can easily find your confidence building without going the extra mile.

Since confidence starts by believing in your skills and abilities, it is easy to gain self-confidence while playing cricket because you will need to believe in your decision-making, agility, balance, and all it takes to win the game.

And when a player loses the game, their mindset improves, and they bounce back feeling self-confident. And once you have enhanced your confidence on the cricket field, you can easily tackle self-doubt in other aspects of life.

Improves Team Relation

Cricket is a game of numbers even though you can pay with fewer numbers of players. But when you play with the complete number in a team, you will learn better interaction with people. To win, you must cooperate and connect with your team members through the struggles, triumphs, and losses.

Being with your teammates through all these times teaches human relations and improves your skills of working with people. Also, you can learn how to relate with the opposing team without thinking of them as rivals despite the game results.

Improves Social Interaction

Playing cricket in public places is an opportunity to improve your networking and human relation skills. With cricket, you get to meet more people from your team, the opposing team, and people who are just interested in watching.

So, frequently playing cricket makes it easy for you to relate to people and strangers. Also, as cricket improves your self-confidence, you will confidently be able to speak and interact with people, even outside the field.

Form of Fun and Relaxation

Do not forget that one of the primary reasons for playing cricket is to have fun and relax during your leisure. And despite these many benefits, you can not overlook this. Cricket is a fun game, but amidst all the running around, missing the ball, and sometimes failing, you find yourself having fun.

Also, interacting with different people of various perspectives and personalities. You will find yourself having more fun than you could ever have running on a treadmill or on the street.

And do not forget that it is a way to get away from work or any form of stress for a few hours. And you can be assured that after a few hours of playing cricket, you will find yourself sleeping like someone with no worry.

Wrapping Up about Benefits of Cricket

Cricket does bring not only fun but also offers lots of health and social benefits. So, do not hesitate to go for it if it piques your interest. And if you want to practice it at more professional levels, you can train for it. Either way, you will get the benefits it offers.

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