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Zoe Kravitz Plastic Surgery: What her fans thought about transformation?


Zoe Kravitz has been in the public eye for as long as we can remember, but after assuming the legendary role of Catwoman, she has garnered much more media attention than normal! (And, of course, her really fascinating friendship with Channing Tatum!)

Fans and cosmetic surgeons have observed that the 33-year-old Big Little Lies actress – who, let’s face it, has always been a stunning natural beauty; just look at her mother! – has been appearing a bit different recently, and they are unsure of the cause.

From her super-sculpted cheekbones to her more defined chin to her considerably larger eyes, let’s go through a few things about Zoe Kravtiz Plastic Surgery.

Her Eyes-Brows


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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Charles S. Lee is one of the many industry experts who have commented on Zo’s recent transformation, and the first thing he noticed was the difference in the height of her brows, which cannot be achieved with standard eyebrow hair removal techniques such as threading, waxing, or microblading; therefore, she may have undergone an alleged brow lift or gone one step further and undergone an upper blepharoplasty.

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Once somewhat hooded, the Fantastic Beasts actress’s eyelids are now noticeably more open, with more upper eyelid showing. The change is minor, but it is readily apparent when comparing photographs side by side!

Her Chin


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In recent photographs, Zo’s chin appears more sculpted and sculpted, and this is even more evident in previous photographs. People have thus believed that she has had filler injected into her chin to make it thinner and more defined.


Regarding fillers, the Kimi star’s high and super-defined cheekbones have caused fans and industry professionals to speculate that she had received facial fillers.

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The hollowing behind her cheekbones, however, might be the result of partial or whole buccal fat removal, or it could simply be a natural consequence of aging. As things are, we cannot be certain, but her skeletal structure fascinates us anyway!

Zoe Kravitz Transformation: What her fans thought about transformation?

Zo’s change has divided the internet, as seen by the diverse opinions expressed on Charles S. Lee’s TikTok account in response to her transformation.

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In the comments section of @drlee90210’s video, one fan said, “OMG she is a completely different person!” However, many others felt that the shift was only the result of aging.

“She looks the same as she did when she was young,” one admirer said, while other others added that she has always been beautiful. One admirer said, “She is lovely anyway!”

However, many other followers believed she may have taken the supposed therapies too far. Someone said, “She looked better when she was natural,” while someone another wrote, “I like her natural face.”

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Other followers believed that she had almost little work to do, saying that it was all in the genes! One fan stated, “It’s not filler, she got it from her mother,” to which another fan responded, “No, she had surgery,” followed by two crying-laughing emojis.

We suppose we shall never know for certain unless Catwoman herself puts us out of our agony by revealing the truth.

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