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Who is Ubah Hassan Dating? Here’s All About the ‘RHONY’ Star’s Love Life!

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Ubah Hassan, a model and businesswoman, is making her impact on The Real Housewives of New York City, bringing with her years of modeling and business experience. But when it comes to love, that’s a different story.

Ubah, who broadcasts from Manhattan’s Central Park South, says in her introduction that she wants to share her world with others and describes herself as a “Somalian girl living in New York City” and a “Muslim girl who is a model.” She frequently talks about her business, Ubah Hot, telling viewers, “This machine needs to eat.”

Ubah is firmly established in modeling and business, but how about love? We’ll go into the specifics of Ubah’s love life below, as well as who will be her lucky suitor (or suitors) on RHONY.

Who Is Ubah Hassan?

Ubah was born on August 27, 1983, in Somalia, and his path to achievement was marked by a variety of challenges. Ubah was just eight years old when she was forced to escape her war-torn country and relocate to Ethiopia.

Who Is Ubah Hassan Dating

Even when her brothers and parents were able to relocate to Canada, the family had to spend a year in a homeless shelter before they could get permanent housing. Despite her family’s ups and downs, success came knocking for the woman with unwavering determination!

The 39-year-old Somali-Canadian entrepreneur has built a thriving enterprise for herself through guts and dedication!

Who Is Ubah Hassan Dating?

While Ubah Hassan has clearly secured her place as a business owner, it appears that the celebrity is not interested in dating at the moment. Ubah’s meticulous development as a company owner and model appears to be preoccupying her at the time.

Even when speculations of a possible romance circulated in the past, the reality star preferred to remain silent on the subject. Ubah was rumored to be dating 53-year-old music magnate Jason Flom of Lava Records in 2014.

Ubah Hassan Dating Jason Flom

However, the couple rejected the allegations, and Jason remained tight-lipped about their connection. As a result, it is clear that Ubah keeps her love interests private and does not reveal her personal life to the public.

Furthermore, the lack of a companion on social media leads us to conclude that Ubah is currently single. While the star’s love interests are kept private, Ubah’s thoughts on the dating world are as funny. She enjoys her tall stature and is relieved that no man wants to approach her in the club because of her 5’11 height.

How Did Ubah’s Dating Rumors Come Up?

This week on RHONY, Ubah performed a supporting role. Sai, Jessel, and Erin were waiting for their respective husbands at the mini-golf lounge for the three-way date. Ubah interrupted them by arriving on time and discussing her love life.

As a result, Sai’s husband, David, was perplexed as to why Ubah, the intelligent and confident entrepreneur, did not have a committed relationship. She urged everyone in that department to assist her in changing the subject.

Ubah Hassan relationship is leaked out by Sai De Silva

According to next week’s ad, Sai may expose the identity of the mysterious man to Brynn. Meanwhile, supporters are perplexed as to why Ubah relied solely on Sai.

Ubah’s at least one rumored relationship came to light in November 2014, when a Page Six piece said she spent time with Jason Flom, the founder of Lava Records.

Otherwise, Ubah has successfully kept her love life hidden. Jason told Page Six that he doesn’t talk about his personal life in public. He does, however, encourage Ubah in her charitable work and thinks she is beautiful, clever, and brilliant.

Jason Flom, now 62, divorced his wife in 2010 after 20 years of marriage. He formerly served as the Chairman of Virgin Records/Capitol Music Group and Atlantic Records. Currently, he works as an advocate for persons who have been unfairly convicted.

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Ubah had supper with Darnell Dodson, who turned out to be her driver, according to a brief video she posted on Instagram in December 2022. He was never seen again by the media after that.

As a result, from what we can see, Ubah is enjoying her success and concentrating on her profession. Nonetheless, the actress makes time for herself and frequently posts about her newest trips on Instagram. So, even if Ubah is still looking for a true connection, we wish her the best and hope to see more achievements in her future!

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