Who is Pasha Married to?

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Who is Pasha Married to? Meet His Partner Daniella Karagach!

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In the glittering world of ballroom dance, Pasha Pashkov is a name that resonates with elegance and skill. Fans and followers of dance competitions have often wondered about the personal life of this talented dancer, particularly regarding his marital status.

In this article, we’ll explore the romantic story of Pasha Pashkov and introduce you to the equally accomplished and dazzling Daniella Karagach, the woman who holds his heart.

Who Is Pasha Pashkov?

Pasha Pashkov is the dancer and choreographer who captivated NBC’s World of Dance during Season 2. The surprising part is that his dance career began in Russia at the age of eleven, due to a lesson at school.

Who is Pasha Married to?

Imagine this: a ballroom instructor recognizes Pasha’s talent and encourages his brother to give it a try. Entering the world of dance, Pasha competes in his first event and then decides to give up. Yes, that does occur.

Let’s go back to a pivotal moment. When Pasha’s mother’s friend calls, she asks if he would join her daughter in a dancing project. And Pasha wonders, why not? Upon entering the studio, he immediately connects with the coaches and becomes enthralled. At first, the social environment keeps him around, but who wouldn’t experience a dance buzz as the good times start to flow in?

Who is Pasha Pashkov Married to?

Now, let’s discuss Daniella Karagach, the better half of Pasha’s powerful combo. The shocking part is that when they first teamed up in 2009, Daniella’s trainers warned her—who was just fifteen at the time—that their age difference would interfere with their compatibility. But, hey, what do you know? They began working together to create dancing magic, defying the odds. What a complex and twisted dance narrative!

On July 18, 2014, he wed Daniella Karagach, his dance partner.  They decided to go formal four years into the whole dance thing and relationship-building process. And what do you know? They are expecting their first child in May 2023, so there’s baby news in the air. Adorable, huh?

Who is Pasha Married to?

Let me tell you something about Daniella now: she is not your typical dancer. This girl has the makings of a three-time junior I and II Latin champion in the United States, together with her dancing partner Leonid Juashkovsky. In 2007, they even won the title of Junior II 10 dancing champions. What a powerful team!

However, it doesn’t end there. They’ve salsa-ed and waltzed their way onto major international stages such as the Barcelona Open, Moscow Open, and Celtic Classic. And get this: in Latvia, Russia, and Barcelona during the World Championships, they represented the United States. Top-notch, huh?

If you’ve watched any of the PBS seasons of America’s Ballroom Challenge, you may have seen these two tearing up the dance floor. Daniella teamed up with Pasha Pashkov after Leonid.

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These two? Latin, ballroom, ten-dance, and show dance national champions. They even won the UK Open, Blackpool, and UK Open 10-dance Rising Star titles. That’s one method of earning plenty of prizes!

In 2019, Daniella is slaying it as a highly-skilled dancer on Dancing with the Stars. Her accomplice in crime? Nelly. She also won the Mirrorball trophy with Iman Shumpert in her third season. That’s what I refer to as a dance adventure!

How Many Kids Does Pasha Kovalev Have?

Together, Pasha and Rachel are the parents of two kids. Maven, their first child, was born on December 15, 2019. In November 2021, they welcomed Noa, their second daughter.

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