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Who is Morgan Osman? Why Was Instagram Influencer Kicked Off the Plane?

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A woman has gone viral on the internet after being captured on tape yelling at fellow passengers and being kicked out of the plane.

Morgan Osman, the woman who claimed to have dated Britney Spears’ ex, Sam Asghari, was eventually identified as the influencer.

In the video, she pulls her suitcase from the overhead compartment and yells at another individual who is not seen in the camera.

Continue reading to learn more about Morgan Osman and the flight incident that has been making the rounds on social media.

Who Is Morgan Osman?

Morgan Osman is an Instagram influencer for those who are unfamiliar. She has a sizable fan base on the social media platform Instagram. She has a million followers on Instagram. Her Instagram account was apparently removed at the time of writing.

Who Is Morgan Osman

According to The New York Times, the social media celebrity is 35 years old. She was born in Miami, Florida. She starred in the reality show Bad Girls Club in 2010. She was fired from the TV show during the second episode after breaking into the producer’s office.

In addition, the Miami-based beauty starred in the VH1 reality series Miami Monkey in 2013. This show lasted only a year before being canceled. She worked as a bartender before making her television debut.

Why is Morgan Osman Going Viral?

Morgan is shown arguing with a passenger on an unidentified American Airlines plane who is not seen on the screen in the video.

“Call me a b-h again,” the Miami, Florida native yells. “I did nothing wrong,” she adds, and the person with whom she was arguing orders her to “shut up.”

Morgan instead advises the flier to “shut the f-k up.”Morgan notices the passenger filming her as she walks away. “You f-king bum, film me,” she says, “I’m Instagram famous.” She tells folks in the audience to “shut the f-k up” when they start laughing.

It was unknown how long the fight lasted, why it began, or where Osman was headed. After the incident occurred, Osman responded on her now-deactivated Instagram account.

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“I didn’t get kicked off,” she captioned photographs of news headlines about the altercation she uploaded on Instagram stories. Instead of becoming aggressive, I begged to leave. Thank you very much.”

How Did People React to Morgan Osman’s Viral Plane Video?

Many social media users have posted their amusing reactions to Instagram star Morgan Osman’s viral plane footage. “Chile social media got people thinking they were bigger than they are lol we don’t know you n*gga,” one person replied.

Then there was the individual who wrote, “Getting kicked off a flight, from coach screaming I’m Instagram famous is WILDDDDD.” “Instagram is famous but you flying basic economy is CRAZY,” a third user said.

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“IG famous everyone on Instagram who doesn’t know her please gather here,” one comment said. “Being Instagram famous is not a flex,” one commenter continued, “being on your OWN pj is a lady.”

Did Morgan Osman Date Sam Asghari?

She made waves in August 2023 when she claimed she dated Asghari after his divorce with Spears.

She said they dated when he was with the pop star, leading many to suspect that his marriage terminated due to infidelity, although such rumors have yet to be substantiated.

Did Morgan Osman Date Sam Asghari

Osman posted a photo of herself pretending to kiss Asghari, but it has since been removed.

It’s also unclear when the photo was taken.

As of this writing, Ashgari had not responded to Osman’s charges or the infidelity rumors.

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