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Who is Madeline Argy? Meet the British Tik Tok Star!

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In the vast world of social media, influencers and TikTok stars continue to capture the hearts of audiences around the globe. One such rising star making waves with her captivating content and charismatic presence is Madeline Argy.

In this article, we take a closer look at who Madeline Argy is, her journey to fame, and what sets her apart in the digital landscape.

Who Is Madeline Argy?

Madeline Argy is a 23-year-old English woman who was born and raised in England. She was supposedly born in Sussex and now lives in London, but her Instagram page shows that she travels frequently.

The British social media star has over 4.8 million TikTok followers and 1.8 million Instagram followers, as well as a slew of celebrity fans, including Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper and singer Sabrina Carpenter.

Her account is full of similar off-the-cuff experiences and relatable sentiments, so it’s only natural that she’s now spilling it all outside of TikTok. But, before you listen to her new podcast, you might be asking what makes Argy qualified for her own show.

Her social media success has resulted in sponsorships from some of the greatest beauty and fashion firms, as well as a podcast agreement with Cooper’s Unwell Network. Pretty Lonesome with Madeline Argy, her podcast, premiered on October 2, 2023.

How Did Madeline Argy Rise to Fame?

Argy began uploading on TikTok in March 2021, starting with lip-syncing videos (we’ve all done it) before moving on to more comic stories and short films. Argy gained a following on the app almost immediately after she began posting because viewers loved her sense of humor and ability to turn even the most banal exchanges into entertaining stories.

Argy began monetizing her content and soon earned brand collaborations with Spotify and Coach subsidiary, Coachtopia, thanks to her humor and appealing good looks. She began releasing her podcast on YouTube in September 2022, and each video has received hundreds of millions of views.

Who Is Madeline Argy

On YouTube, Argy typically discusses topics such as sexuality, identity, feminism, relationships, and friendship, and she has developed a large following for her unique perspectives on difficult matters. Her videos in which she opens up about her queer identity, as well as those in which she gives advice, appear to resonate the most with her viewers, increasing her following even further.

Aside from her own work, Argy is on everyone’s radar because of her possible relationship with London-based rapper Central Cee. Since September of last year, the two have been speculated to be dating and frequently appear in each other’s Instagram postings, although neither has publicly confirmed their relationship. With Argy now signed to Alex Cooper’s Unwell Network, the social media sensation may expect additional projects in the near future.

Madeline Argy’s Educational Qualifications

In 2021, Argy returned to TikTok while also studying forensic linguistics at the University of Kent. Argy revealed to The Face that a Criminal Minds episode served as her inspiration for choosing the degree subject. Argy later wanted to pursue a master’s degree at the University of York, but her plans were altered due to her burgeoning social media presence.

She also told The Face that she didn’t enjoy her academic life. (Argy was a college student during the COVID-19 lockdowns in the United Kingdom.) “There’s not a single house on the market in Canterbury that isn’t damp,” she remarked of her current living situation. “I lived in squalor, and, over lockdown, I think I lost my mind.”

Who Is Madeline Argy Dating?

According to various online sources, the TikTok star is currently single.

Argy dated British rapper Central Cee for almost two years, while they kept their personal details hidden during that time.

Who Is Madeline Argy

In September 2022, Argy joked on TikTok about their romance, saying, “Why does everyone constantly ask if I’m dating Central Cee? “I have no idea who he is,” she said as the rapper went around behind her. She was also wearing a T-shirt that said, “I’m Lying.”

Argy disclosed her relationship for the first time on Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast in September of the following year. Argy claimed that she and Central Cee had broken up two months before because the relationship had become “toxic.”

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“It was a lot of back and forth and like, kind of in a fun, toxic way when you’re like, oh God, this needs to end, but f— it, let’s go on one more trip together, or let’s have one more night,” Cooper was quoted as saying.

She admitted that the split was “hard because we were both a little bit obsessed with each other,” but Argy ultimately “made the final call.”

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