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Who is Leah Remini’s Husband and Children? Leah Referred to her Husband as a “Serial Cheater” in Her Biography


Who is Leah Remini’s Husband and Children? What comes to mind when you first hear the name, Leah Remini? Is it her performance in Kevin Can Wait as Vanessa? Or a guest appearance on The King of Queens?

Leah’s recent announcement that she is leaving Scientology and sharing the world about her experience in Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is the most unforgettable event for some.

Leah’s life story is quite interesting. Not only because she is a wonderful actor, but also because she never shies away from discussing issues that are important to her. Her Scientology experience and her marriage to Angelo Pagan are among them.

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Leah Remini’s Husband and Children

For many, Leah Remini’s life outside of acting is both shocking and inspiring. Everyone is aware that she has been married to Angelo Pagan for about two decades and that they have one daughter along with Angelo’s three boys from prior marriages.

However, what occurs during her whole marriage is typically undetected. Before we get further into the contentious aspects of her life, let’s examine how Leah and Angelo originally met and how their relationship became more serious.

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This apparently happy pair originally met at the Cuban restaurant and nightclub El Floridita. They met for the first time in 1996, and they hit it off almost immediately. Angelo and Leah began dating shortly after their initial meeting but did not wed until 2003.

By the time they began dating, Leah was already well-known due to her starring part in The King of Queens.

After almost six years of dating, the couple wed in a grandiose ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. Their family and closest friends were the only invited guests, with no media or photographers present.

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However, her Kevin Can Wait co-star Kevin James did not mind giving us a taste of how the celebration went. In addition, a trusted source from the party provided more information.

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People quoted a source as saying, “The bride was a picture of sophistication in her white Les Habitudes dress.” On the other hand, Kevin James stated, “It was nighttime and 110 degrees outside. The highlight was drying off.”

A year after their wedding, Leah gave birth to Sofia, and the pair could not stop gushing on Instagram about their love for their daughter. In addition, Leah and Angelo displayed it on a reality program they co-host called It’s All Relative.

Sofia is not, however, the only addition to the family. Leah became the mother of Nicholas, Alex, and Angelo Jr., who were already in the family.

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Leah Referred to Angelo as a “Serial Cheater” in Her Biography!

So, after hearing how this couple has evolved from their first day together, what challenges can they face in their married life?

Leah published her autobiography Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology in 2015. We may deduce from the title alone that the book is mostly about her departure from Scientology. However, it came out that she also made other stunning claims about her marriage. There, she referred to her spouse as a serial adulterer.


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“I am self-centered and egocentric. I have physically menaced others. “My spouse is a chronic adulterer, and my mother was a whore,” the actress from Kevin Can Wait wrote. What a daring statement she made there! However, what was the true tale behind it?

When Leah and Angelo first met, Angelo was in fact in a relationship with someone else. Leah did not offer many specifics on Angelo’s infidelity, but Angelo was in a relationship when they first met. Angelo remained in his prior relationship even after he and Leah chose to become a pair. It does really sound complex.

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Even more shocking is the fact that Angelo did not appear to mind being labeled a “serial cheater.” He even supported Leah for bringing up the issue in the book. Angelo made a tweet and shared it on Instagram in which he expressed his satisfaction with Leah’s decision.

“#tbt So pleased with @leahremini! Brave, audacious, and attractive. I have your back, sweetie! “#troublemaker” was Angelo’s Twitter and Instagram hashtag.

Nonetheless, Leah acknowledged in one of her interviews that she had reasons for putting that in her autobiography. She stated that it was to “defend” herself and her family from persecution by Church members. Now things began to become complicated.


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“Well, I am aware of the Church’s stance on those who publicly criticize them. I am aware of how they interact with people like myself.

However, it also reveals that Leah and Angelo were longtime members of Scientology. Leah had spent more than thirty years in the Scientology Church before turning to Catholicism.

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Now, Leah describes her life as more “free,” and she has no regrets about quitting Scientology, despite the fact that not everyone supported her decision.

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