Who is Jerry Blavat, and is he alive? Has Jerry Blavat been married?

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Who is Jerry Blavat, and is he alive? Has Jerry Blavat been married?


Jerry Blavat is a well-known Philadelphia DJ and musician who has been in the area for decades. The Geator with the Heater, his radio program, has been broadcast since the 1960s and is his most well-known work.

Blavat is also a well-respected event organizer who has organized several events throughout the years. Nothing is known about Blavat’s personal life, including whether he is married or not, despite his fame and fortune.

Who Is Jerry Blavat?

Gerald Joseph “Jerry” Blavat, better known as “The Geator with the Heater” and “The Big Boss with the Hot Sauce,” is a well-known American disc jockey and comic who helped popularise oldies radio programming.

Who is Jerry Blavat, and is he alive? Has Jerry Blavat been married?

Blavat was born in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 3, 1940. She was Italian, but he was Jewish; his parents were also immigrants. Blavat is a divorced guy who was married in 1976 but has lived alone since then. The marriage produced a total of four daughters.

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You may find the acclaimed artist Jerry Blavat on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks under the handle @geatorgold. Among his various monikers, his Instagram bio includes “The Geator with the Heater” and “The Big Boss with the Hot Sauce.”

is Jerry Blavat been married?

Has Jerry Blavat been married? The identity of Jerry Blavat’s spouse is still unknown. His sources indicate that he divorced his wife in 1989 and has been in a serious relationship with another lady ever since. During this time, he was married to his initial spouse.

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Blavat was an extremely private man, especially in his sexual interactions. He never shared any details about his former marriage or the events that led to their divorce. Nobody knows why he decided to divorce his wife and end their marriage.

Is Jerry Blavat Still Alive?

As news outlets have announced Jerry Blavat’s passing, an increase in searches for his name has been seen. Since his death was announced on social media, Jerry Blavat’s supporters have shown their grief in a very public manner. Is he still living or has he died away? Never worry! We have every angle covered.

Who is Jerry Blavat, and is he alive? Has Jerry Blavat been married?

Yes, jerry blavat is still alive. Jerry Blavat is presently surrounded by kind individuals and is doing well. There were other internet reports of his death, but all of them were fake.

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Fans of Bobby Lee’s (Instagram account) are skeptical of this report’s authenticity. In a Facebook post headlined “Jerry Blavat, the Geator with the Heater,” Jerry Blavat refuted any news of his passing. A portion of the message says, “We have heard rumors about Jerry’s alleged death.

They have no truthfulness. You are aware that Jerry’s health has declined for some time. He is currently surrounded by people who are most important to him: his family and close friends. Please keep Jerry and his family in your prayers, refrain from spreading rumors, and give him the space he requires.”

Jerry Blavat Career

Blavat made his television debut alongside Bob Horn and Lee Stewart on the very first episode of Bandstand, which aired on WFIL-TV in 1953. Between 1958 and 1959, he was Don Rickles’ valet.

In 1956, he oversaw the statewide tour of Danny and the Juniors. In 1960, he began his career as a radio broadcaster. By 1963, their program had been syndicated to Camden, Atlantic City, Trenton, Pottstown, Wilmington, and Allentown.

Blavat, along with Collectables Records’ founders Jerry Greene and Jared Weinstein, was a partner in the 1960s record labels Lost Nite and Crimson. The three were co-owners of the defunct Philadelphia-based record store chain Record Museum, which had its headquarters in Philadelphia.

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Between 1965 and 1967, Blavat hosted and produced the weekly television program The Discophonic Scene. Moreover, he appeared as a guest on a variety of other television programs, including The Tonight Show, The Joey Bishop Show, The Mod Squad, and The Monkees.

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