Who is Halyna Hutchins? How did she have to deal with the death coming out of nowhere?

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Who is Halyna Hutchins? How did she have to deal with the death coming out of nowhere?


Hutchins was accidentally murdered on the set of ‘Rust’ by a fake pistol fired by Alec Baldwin. This page provides further information on the late filmmaker.

Who is Halyna Hutchins?

Halyna Anatoliivna Androsovych, better known as Hutchins, was born in 1979 in the small Ukrainian town of Horodets. She grew up on a Soviet military post north of the Arctic Circle and went to Kyiv National University to get a degree in international journalism.

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins is remembered as a unique artist and rising star : NPR

Next, she went back to her first job as a reporter who did the research for British documentaries set in eastern Europe. Hutchins became interested in movies while he was stationed at the military post.

After working as a detective for a while, she moved to Los Angeles to start a career in movies. She worked as a production assistant, as an electric grip, and on the sets of several short films, she directed.

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In 2005, Hutchins married an American named Matthew. Her son, Andros, was born a little later. He is now nine years old.

How did she have to deal with the death coming out of nowhere?

When cinematographer Halyna Hutchin died suddenly on the set of Rust in October 2021, it sent shock waves through the movie business.

On October 21, 2021, while filming “Rust” at Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico, actor Alec Baldwin accidentally fired a fake gun that had “a live round” in it, killing Halyna.

Halyna Hutchins: The cinematographer killed by a prop gun - Los Angeles Times

In the days after the event, a member of the Rust crew told PEOPLE that they felt unsafe on set. In the fight, Joel Souza, who makes movies, was also hurt. They noticed that the armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, did not keep the weapons “safe” and “locked up,” which sent up “a lot of red flags.”

Matthew sued Baldwin in February 2022 because Baldwin was blamed for Matthew’s death. After settling their case in October 2022, Matthew was hired as an executive producer, and filming was set to start again in January 2023.

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But as of January 19, Baldwin will be charged with causing Halyna’s death without her permission. Baldwin will be charged with two counts of unintentional manslaughter, and Gutierrez-Reed, who worked on the movie, will also be charged with the same things. Prosecutors say that charges will be handed out before the end of the month.

What Halyna Hutchins Said About This Incident?

The husband of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins is glad that Alec Baldwin is being charged with involuntary manslaughter. He said that the charges are “a comfort to the family.”

In October 2021, Hutchins died on the set of the western movie Rust. New Mexico authorities have said that Mr. Baldwin and other members of the crew will be charged for Hutchins’ death.

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“We want to thank the Santa Fe Sheriff and the District Attorney for finishing their thorough investigation and deciding that charges of involuntary manslaughter are needed for the killing of Halyna Hutchins with a conscious disregard for human life,” Hutchins’s family said through their lawyer, Brian Panish.

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