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Who is Belle Gibson? Why Did She Fake Her Cancer?

Mai K. Sosa

Belle Gibson’s name gained widespread recognition and notoriety in the mid-2013s as a wellness influencer and author who claimed to have cured her terminal brain cancer through natural remedies and alternative therapies. However, her story took a dark turn when it was revealed that her cancer diagnosis was fabricated and that she had never been afflicted with the disease. In this article, we will delve into the story of Belle Gibson, her rise to fame, and the subsequent controversy that surrounded her.

Who Is Belle Gibson?

Bella was born as Annabelle Natalie Gibson on October 8, 1991. Bella is an Australian-convicted scammer and proponent of pseudoscience.

Belle Gibson rose to prominence as a culinary and wellness blogger from Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, on Instagram. Gibson debuted her The Whole Pantry app in August 2013 after collecting thousands of fans.

Within the first month, she reportedly had 200,000 users download the app. Later, she got a contract with Lantern Books for a coffee table cookbook, which was released in October 2014.

Who Is Belle Gibson

Gibson erroneously claimed to have been diagnosed with numerous cancer diseases, including malignant brain cancer, and that she was actively managing them via diet, exercise, natural medicine, and alternative therapies during her career as a wellness guru.

She also claimed that she had donated considerable percentages of her income and the earnings of her company to various charities.

How Did Belle Gibson Fake Cancer?

Gibson claims she received shocking news when she was only 20 years old. “You’re going to die. You’ve got six weeks. Four months at most.” According to Gibson’s book, The Whole Pantry, this is how the doctor informed her in July 2009 that she had terminal brain cancer. Gibson also claimed to have had many heart surgery and to have died briefly on the operating table.

According to Gibson, she received chemotherapy and radiation for two months before abandoning traditional medicine in favor of what she saw as more holistic and alternative treatments, such as adopting a plant-based diet, avoiding gluten and dairy, and undergoing treatments such as oxygen therapy and colonics. She stated in her book, “I was empowering myself to save my own life through nutrition, patience, determination, and love.”

Who Is Belle Gibson

Gibson was found guilty of five violations of consumer law in 2017. A court at the time stated that Belle may have “genuinely” believed she had cancer and what she was telling her followers.

Gibson may have had “delusions” regarding her health, according to the judge. Chanelle McAuliffe, Gibson’s former friend, appears in the ITVX program and provides her own view as to why Gibson did what she did.

“In my opinion, it was a strategy,” she remarked. “It’s just a f***ing business strategy.”

Instagram’s Worst Con Artist Documentary

What happened to Australian influencer Belle Gibson, one of the original health bloggers, is a fascinating story filled with outrageous claims, lies, and dishonesty. In Search of Instagram’s Worst Con Artist, a new ITV documentary, will be accessible on ITVX starting November 2nd. It will air this autumn and include interviews with friends and family members who will be speaking on the record for the first time.

ITVX is currently airing The Search For Instagram’s Worst Con Artist.

Early Life of Belle Gibson

According to interviews, she left her Brisbane family home at the age of 12 to live with a classmate and then with a family acquaintance. Gibson attended Wynnum State High School in Manly, Queensland, until the year she dropped out, but she later claimed to have been homeschooled.

She worked as a trainee for catering supply firm PFD Food Services in Lytton, but by late 2008, she had migrated to Perth, Western Australia, according to social media. She was immersed in the skateboarding culture and actively participated in its online community while there.

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Gibson later relocated from Perth to Melbourne in July 2009 and became a mother a year later, at the age of 18. Gibson, then 21, released The Whole Pantry smartphone app in August 2013.

Gibson reportedly told a prospective business partner in 2014 that she went by “several names,” and in her most recent interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly stated that “her mother changed her name five times.” According to company papers, Gibson is three years younger than she claims to be.

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