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Who is Kesha Ward? Meet 2 Chainz’s Wife!

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In the world of hip-hop, where the spotlight often shines on the artists, their personal lives can be equally fascinating. One such figure who has captured the attention of fans and media alike is Kesha Ward, the wife of renowned rapper 2 Chainz.

While 2 Chainz, born Tauheed Epps, is celebrated for his chart-topping hits and dynamic stage presence, Kesha Ward remains a somewhat enigmatic figure.

In this article, we delve into the life, career, and relationship of Kesha Ward, offering a glimpse into the woman who stands beside the rap icon.

Who is 2 Chainz’s Wife, Kesha Ward?

Kesha Ward, the wife of famed rapper 2 Chainz (Tauheed K. Epps), has achieved extraordinary success outside of the music scene. Kesha has been the owner of A Gift From Heaven, a thriving preschool and daycare center in Atlanta, since September 2016, demonstrating her commitment to education and childcare.

She is also the driving force behind the TRU Foundation, a non-profit organization that actively assists Atlanta’s African-American community. Kesha’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm extends to her job as the CEO and founder of Atlanta’s Bouncing with Harmony LLC, an entertainment venue.

Notably, Kesha graduated from Alabama State University with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and corrections in 2002, demonstrating her dedication to both academic accomplishment and community involvement. Her diverse pursuits demonstrate her tenacity and dedication.

How many Children do Kesha and 2 Chainz have?

Kesha Ward and 2 Chainz (Tauheed K. Epps) have a lovely family of three children. Heaven, their first child, was born on July 26, 2008, followed by Harmony on October 20, 2012, and Halo on October 14, 2015.

Who is 2 Chainz's Wife

Surprisingly, all three children were born before Kesha and 2 Chainz exchanged vows. The Epps family, which has 113,000 followers on Kesha’s Instagram, exudes warmth and intimacy. Kesha recently shared a beautiful photo of the family of five, captioned simply “The Epps.”

Meanwhile, the couple’s unusual marriage story, highlighted by two proposals, illustrates their enduring dedication to each other and their loving family, producing a narrative of love, progress, and shared moments adored by their fans.

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In addition, the rapper was recently involved in a car accident when a Tesla rear-ended his vehicle while he was in South Florida for the star-studded Art Basel weekend.

Kesha and 2 Chainz’s Love Story

Kesha’s love story with 2 Chainz is equally enthralling. 2 Chainz proposed to Kesha for the first time during the BET Awards in June 2013. However, due to their hectic job and child-rearing schedules, they did not proceed with the wedding.

Who is 2 Chainz's Wife

So, on May 7, 2018, the rapper surprised everyone, including Kesha, by proposing at the Met Gala. On the red carpet in New York City, 2 Chainz dropped down on one knee and took out a big diamond ring.

Kesha accepted her beau’s second proposal with tears in her eyes. “He just gave me this! It’s crazy!” I’m overjoyed! “I love it,” she said after the romantic moment to E! News.

On August 18, 2018, 2 Chainz and Kesha married at the Gianni Versace Mansion in Miami, just a few months after the Met Gala proposal.

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It was a memorable day, thanks in part to the white Bengal tiger in a cage that unexpectedly showed up at the venue with a caretaker shortly before the elaborate ceremony. Yes, it is extravagant.

Kesha, dressed in a mermaid wedding gown, walked down the aisle to John Legend’s “All of Me.” She wore a stunning red gown to the reception, while 2 Chainz wore a gold blazer. Kim Kardashian and her then-husband Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, and Gucci Mane were among the celebrity guests.

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