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Where is Joyce Dewitt Now? An Insight Into Her Life After Three’s Company!

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Joyce DeWitt, known for her role as Janet Wood in the beloved American sitcom “Three’s Company,” captured the hearts of millions with her wit, charm, and warm smile.

Three’s Company, despite being nearly 50 years old, continues to maintain a special place in the hearts of many fans of classic sitcoms. Following the recent news that one of the show’s original actors, Suzanne Somers, had died at the age of 76, some fans of the show naturally asked what had become of the show’s last living member of the original trio.

As one of the iconic faces of television in the late ’70s and ’80s, fans have often wondered about her life and career in more recent times. In this article, we delve into what Joyce DeWitt is up to today and explore her journey since her days on “Three’s Company.”

Where is Joyce Dewitt Now?

Joyce took a break from acting for several years after Three’s Company finished in 1984. She didn’t return to performing until 1991, and when she did, it was on a much smaller scale and typically on stage. In addition to her theatrical work, she had a number of guest appearances on various TV shows throughout the 1990s and 2000s, including a role in the TV comedy film Spring Fling! and cameos in episodes of Cybill and Living Single.

Joyce co-produced and hosted the NBC-TV documentary Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three’s Company in 2003. She has appeared in indie films and on television on a regular basis for the past 20 years.

Where is Joyce Dewitt Now

Suzanne, on the other hand, has spent even more time on stage in the last decade, playing the title character in Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage at New York City’s Times Square’s Downstairs Cabaret Theatre.

Joyce has also appeared in a number of regional theater shows in recent years, including one in Calgary and another in Jacksonville, Florida. Joyce also appeared on her former co-star Suzanne Somers’ talk program in 2012, when the two reminisced about their time on Three’s Company. Their conversation was the first time they had spoken in 31 years, following a heated brawl on the show over a salary disagreement.

The two also talked about their set recollections and the last time they saw John Ritter, their co-star on the show who died years ago.

Joyce was also arrested for drunk driving in 2009 after driving into a barricade. She was eventually sentenced to three years of probation, but suffered no further major consequences and hasn’t been arrested in years.

What Has Joyce Dewitt Said About Suzanne Somers’?

DeWitt has frequently praised her time on Three’s Company. She co-produced and hosted the television film Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three’s Company in 2003.

DeWitt remembers Ritter lovingly in a statement to Closer Weekly following his passing in September 2003. “John was a great friend, an extraordinarily talented actor, and amazingly good at comedy,” she told the newspaper. “I miss the presence, I miss his smile, I miss the gift that he was.”

DeWitt featured on Suzanne Somers: Breaking Through in 2012, during which she and Somers reminisced about their time on Three’s Company. The visit was one of the first occasions the actresses had publicly interacted since their feud on Three’s Company 31 years previously.\

Where is Joyce Dewitt Now

Somers was sacked from the show after four seasons for seeking equal pay for John Ritter. According to Somers, ABC turned down her request for a wage hike from $30,000 to $150,000 each episode: “The show’s response was, ‘Who do you think you are?'” They declared, ‘John Ritter is the star.'”

DeWitt’s friendship with Somers was also severed as a result of the professional strife. They discussed the money conflict during their appearance on Suzanne Somers: Breaking Through. “In a group of serious actors, I probably pissed you all off,” Somers joked, to which both women laughed. “I really apologize if I offended you. “I simply needed money at the time.”

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“It’s time,” DeWitt said when asked why she appeared on Somers’ show. I believe you provided me with the opportunity to ensure that I have been walking my speech for the previous 30 years. Whenever the subject of Three’s Company comes up, I have consistently stated that the only reason Three’s Company is worth remembering is because it provided an opportunity for all of us to laugh together and celebrate joy.”

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