What Happened to Nick Avocado? It is Unclear Whether His Health Issues Are Real

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What Happened to Nick Avocado? It is Unclear Whether His Health Issues Are Real


Nick Avocado is an iconic mukbang celebrity unlike any other. The idea of his mukbang material is identical to that of all others on the internet: he offers commentary while eating.

Avocado’s films are unique because he consumes large amounts of food and injects his content with a great deal of dramatization.

To attract visitors to his work, Avocado will use whatever tactic allowed by community standards. He offends people frequently yet does not appear to care.

The reprimand he receives boosts the number of interactions on his uploads, gaining him greater recognition and maybe motivating him to become more controversial.

Avocado is a frequent uploader, but he hasn’t uploaded anything in three weeks, which is cause for concern.

Nick Has Taken a Break From Social Media in Order to Tackle Personal Issue

Nick is such a frequent uploader on social media that his absence for several days caused fear for his safety. A rumor circulated that he had died, and one person tweeted:

“Apparently Nikocado Avocado is dead? Honestly, I don’t believe that. Sometimes he gets offline to probably prepare more of his atrocious mukbang videos.”

What Happened to Nick Avocado? It is Unclear Whether His Health Issues Are Real

Avocado isn’t dead. Nick and Avocado’s breakup was verified by Nick’s boyfriend, Orlin, who indicated that Avocado was taking a vacation from social media to deal with personal difficulties. He posted the following on Instagram:

“Nick is alive. Nick is doing well and is taking a break from social media due to some personal issues that were previously discussed in my last post and in the most recent post on the Nikocado Avocado 3 channel.”

Nick will almost certainly resume his controversial mukbang video production. He lives on attention, and such absences are quite rare.

Avocado makes occasional vows to refrain from consuming excessive amounts of food on camera, but never follows through. One user said in the comments section of a recent article headlined I Quit Mukbang, “If I had a $1 for every time he stated he would resign, I would be wealthier than Elon Musk.”

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It is Unclear Whether His Health Issues Are Real

Nick has raised various worries about his health. Nick stated in an interview with Trisha Paytas in 2020 that his demand for attention was a result of mental health concerns, notably Attention Deficit Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

The confession and his social media rants prompted rumors that his mental health was deteriorating.

Nick replied to his weight gain by stating that he would leave YouTube to focus on his health; however, he did not keep his word. In September 2021, he said that he had been diagnosed with three fractured ribs.

Nick informed Insider through email that he broke his ribs after months of ‘excessive, powerful coughing.’ Afterward, Avocado caused anger by referring to himself as handicapped.

In April 2022, Nick published a video titled I Might Have Cancer in which he said he was experiencing pain in his testicles. In a later video, he complained of vision problems and lower abdomen discomfort.

He finished by stating that physicians had not diagnosed him and that more testing was necessary. Nick did not offer any more health updates. Nick casually disclosed his diabetes in his most recent video on quitting mukbangs.

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Nick’s health may be deteriorating, as is frequently speculated by pundits, but he may simply be faking sickness for attention.

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