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Matthew Perry’s Relationship Status: Was the Friends Star Ever Married?

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Matthew Perry, widely recognized for his iconic role as Chandler Bing in the hit TV show “Friends,” died at the age of 54 on October 28, 2023. According to reports, the 54-year-old actor was found unconscious in a jacuzzi at his Los Angeles home.

Perry openly revealed his personal problems during his successful career on television and in film. He was also involved in a number of high-profile romances with celebrities. While many are familiar with his on-screen relationships, questions about his marital status have often surfaced. In this article, we will explore Matthew Perry’s relationship history and answer the question: Was Matthew Perry ever married? So, was Matthew Perry married at the time of his death, and did he have any children?

Was Matthew Perry Married?

Despite having numerous prominent relationships, Matthew was never married. His closest relationship was with Molly, whom he began seeing in 2018. In November 2020, Matthew proposed to the literary manager.

The engagement, however, was short-lived, since Matthew and Molly separated in June 2021. “Sometimes things just don’t work out, and this was one of them,” Matthew explained at the time. “I wish Molly the best.”

Did Matthew Perry Have Kids?

Matthew had no children, but he had expressed a desire to have a family. Matthew announced in October 2022, only one year before his death, that he still hoped to be a father.

“I think I’d be great, I really do,” he told PEOPLE. “I grew up with a lot of little kids around me, and that’s probably why, but I can’t wait.”

Matthew Perry’s Dating History

Below is an overview of Matthew Perry’s dating history, including some of the well-known figures he has been linked to:

Yasmine Bleeth

One of Perry’s early notable relationships was with actress Yasmine Bleeth. They were reported to have dated briefly in 1996, during the height of both of their careers.

Julia Roberts

matthew perry and julia roberts

Perry’s romance with Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts garnered significant media attention. The two became friends after the Pretty Woman actress appeared on Friends. Their on-screen chemistry turned out to be just as intense in real life, and they dated from 1995 to 1996.

Neve Campbell

Matthew Perry was rumored to have dated Canadian actress Neve Campbell in 1998, although the relationship was never officially confirmed by either party.

Valerie Bertinelli

matthew perry and Valerie Bertinelli

Matthew said in his 2022 memoir that he had sex with Valerie Bertinelli while her then-husband, Eddie Van Halen, was passed out intoxicated beside them. “I fell madly in love with Valerie Bertinelli, who was clearly in a troubled marriage,” he said. “My crush was crushing; not only was she way out of my league, but she was also married to one of the most famous rock stars on the planet, Eddie Van Halen.”

“One night… “I was at Valerie and Eddie’s house, just chilling and staring at Valerie, trying to make her laugh,” Matthew wrote. “As the night progressed, it became clear that Eddie had indulged in the fruits of the vine one more time, and eventually he just passed out, not ten feet away from us, but still.” This was my opportunity! If you think I didn’t have a chance in hell, dear reader, you’d be wrong — Valerie and I had a long, intricate make-out session. It was occurring; perhaps she was feeling the same way I was.”

He was “devastated” the next day when he met Valerie on the set of their short-lived show, Sydney, and she pretended nothing had occurred.

Maeve Quinlan

In 2002, Perry was linked to actress Maeve Quinlan. While the details of their relationship remained mostly private, it was one of the reported relationships during that time.

Lizzy Caplan

matthew perry and Lizzy Caplan

Perry’s most well-documented and relatively long-term relationship was with actress Lizzy Caplan. They began dating in 2006 and were together for approximately six years before parting ways in 2012.

Lauren Graham

They’ve collaborated on numerous occasions over the years, and it turns out they even collaborated on their love life. In 2003, the couple, who played exes on The Odd Couple, had their own off-screen romance.

Rachel Dunn

matthew perry and Rachel Dunn

After meeting Rachel, Matthew became more serious about his love life. Despite their 14-year age difference, he and the former fashion student made their relationship work for two years before calling it quits.

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He began seeing the talent management in 2018. “Molly is a quirky and fun girl.” In Touch said in January that “she’s not a hard partyer and has been a good influence on him.”

Unfortunately, his personal problems and

Molly Hurwitz

 concerns about his sobriety got in the way. “It just wasn’t working anymore,” said another insider in May. “You have to give it to her for perseverance, but you can only do so much to help someone.” … Only Matt can assist himself at the end of the day. He’s in a terribly bad position, and his friends think he’s relapsed.”

Despite rekindling their romance, they called it quits in June 2021.

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