TikTok Celebrity Theylovesadity Tributes Pour In for Body Positivity Influencer Who Passed Away at Age 18

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TikTok Celebrity Theylovesadity Tributes Pour In for Body Positivity Influencer Who Passed Away at Age 18


TikTok celebrity Theylovesadity, whose true name is Asia LaFlora, has departed for heaven. She died at the early age of 18 years. Fans of the social media sensation were stunned to learn of her death when it was announced online.

Asia Laflora has deactivated her Instagram account and is no longer accessible on the social networking site.

A member of the body positivity influencer’s family confirmed the sad news of her passing. Continue reading to discover the reason for the death of Theylovesadity aka Asia LaFlora.

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Who is Theylovesadity?

Theylovesadity death: Internet in disbelief as popular TikTok influencer  reportedly passes away

Let us inform those of you who are unaware that Theylovesadity’s true name is Asia LaFlora. She was a body positivity advocate on the video-sharing app TikTok with over 500,000 followers.

Moreover, Asia had approximately 50,000 Instagram followers before the account was deactivated. She has been publishing videos on TikTok for an extended period of time. The vast majority of her content centered on self-love.

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Fans of the social media influencer adored her body confidence and refusal to be deterred by obstacles. It would not be incorrect to state that she served as an inspiration for many.

What caused TheyLoveSadness’s death?

Theylovesadity died at the age of eighteen. Her aunt verified the terrible news of the social media star’s passing by creating a GoFundMe page for her.

Who is theylovesadity on TikTok? Fans give tribute after star passes away :  u/2zk6h0f91521

The message stated, “It is with tremendous sorrow and heavy hearts that we must report Asia LaFlora’s untimely demise on 1/23. Asia was a kind, gorgeous, clever, and intelligent individual. A life so well lived deserves to be remembered in such a manner.”

According to many news sources, Theylovesadity committed suicide. The police believe the young woman killed herself with a firearm after discovering her corpse in California.

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How did the fans respond to Theylovesadity’s demise?

As soon as the news of Theyloveadity’s passing spread, the body positivity influencer’s numerous followers were stunned. Soon thereafter, the social media users reflected on how some of her films had altered their lives.

A social media user stated that theylovesadity was just 18 years old. This one stings. So gorgeous. Always smiling. “Prayers for her family, since she was the newborn.”

A fan then said, “I hope Asia (theylovesadity) is content in Heaven. I did not know her but based on her TikToks, she seemed cheerful, kind, and compassionate. My thoughts are with her fans, family, and friends. Please contact your pals.”

Another user posted, “Scrolling on TikTok still in disbelief that Asia, aka TheyloveSadity, has died. She was youthful, innovative, and self-assured. I will miss her promoting body positivity on my FYP. Remember to look after your mental health.”

A user said, “Rest in peace, #theylovesadity. You can never truly know what someone is psychologically experiencing. Yesterday was such a very challenging day for me that I considered how much simpler life would be if I were no longer here. Realizing this, I removed all social media applications from my phone.

Final Words

One more TikTok star died; an 18-year-old girl killed herself with a gun. I’m not sure what caused her death, but police found her with a gun and there was no one else around at the time.

God gave her a place in heaven, and kindly, we suggest you don’t do this.

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