Tig Notaro's Wife: When Did Tig and Stephanie Marry?

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Tig Notaro’s Wife: When Did Tig and Stephanie Marry?


Tig Notaro is unlike other comedians in that she was able to launch a comedic career after receiving a horrific medical prognosis.

Though she had a successful comedic career with appearances on series such as The Office, her post-viral internet celebrity career included cameo appearances on Transparent and Bob’s Burgers.

And as she blossomed, she was even able to find love, as depicted in a biographical film about her.

In 2012, Tig Notaro first went viral. A few days after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Tig produced a slightly improvised routine about expressing her problems in a macabre show that earned immediate acclaim.

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She frequently refers to her approach as “personal humor” and focuses on her own perceptions of certain occurrences. Since then, she has published more albums and appeared in specials.

But what was her romantic history like?

Who is Tig’s wife? Is Tig Notaro married?

Tig Notaro's Wife: When Did Tig and Stephanie Marry?

The comedian’s romantic life was notably featured in the 2015 Netflix documentary Tig. The film follows Tig Notaro’s ascent to celebrity in the year that followed her “breast cancer” set’s viral success, as she performed in more and more venues and even late-night shows.

In an interview with Sundance, co-director Kristina Goolsby claimed that she intended to highlight Tig’s tenacity and perseverance throughout her popularity and difficulty.

Kristina said, “I was tremendously amazed by Tig and how she navigated her life in the middle of utter loss and devastation.” Here was a person on the cusp of a huge transformation, and the opportunity to capture her journey as she pieced her life back together after an incomprehensible series of events, in real time, was a chance to create a stunning tale that would show Tig’s courage, compassion, and incredible strength.

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Tig found refuge in actress Stephanie Allynne during this difficult period in her life, which included the untimely death of her mother. On the set of the 2013 film In a World…, in which they both performed tiny roles, they first met.

Tig Notaro's Wife: When Did Tig and Stephanie Marry?

Stephanie claims she had only dated men before meeting Tig. While she believed herself to be straight at the time, Stephanie could sense an obvious desire between them.

Stephanie told Cosmopolitan in 2015, “I was really into Tig and I was falling in love with her, but I didn’t know how to recognize it since I believed I was straight.” In the process of seeing this in myself, I said, “Oh my goodness, I am completely in love with this individual.”

Tig Notaro, ever the comic, said that they learned hours before the interview that their connection was more “love” than “like.”

When Did Tig and Stephanie Marry?

Since their marriage in October 2015, the two actresses have remained together. In 2016, they became surrogate parents to a set of twins. Stephanie’s social media activity is primarily on Instagram, where she periodically publishes images of the two of them.

Tig has recently been digitally placed into the Netflix zombie film Army of the Dead, set for release in 2021. She and Stephanie will co-direct the next film Am I Okay? which will be released in January 2022.

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