Taylor Swift Suffers From Wardrobe Malfunctions

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In 2018, Taylor Swift Suffers From Wardrobe Malfunctions, Unzipped Her Black Jumpsuit in Front Hundreds of Peoples


In 2018, while playing on stage, Taylor Swift unzipped her black and gold jumpsuit in front of hundreds of people. See her response here!

Life is full of wardrobe malfunctions, but if you are a celebrity, the incident may and will make headlines. Taylor Swift, like virtually every other celebrity in the world, has experienced a number of wardrobe malfunctions.

In 2011, Taylor unintentionally revealed her underwear while performing in a beautiful blue dress; today, we bring you a similar incident from 2018.

Taylor Swift Suffers From Wardrobe Malfunctions

This time, though, it wasn’t Ms. Swift displaying her underwear but rather unzipping herself on stage. Scroll down to learn about the event and view the video of her accidently undoing the zipper on her stage costume.

Taylor Swift accidentally unzipped her bodysuit in 2018 while singing at a concert in Australia. The event occurred while the vocalist of ‘Anti-Hero’ changed outfits to perform ‘King of My Heart.’

Before noticing her bodysuit was unzipped, the singer unzipped her black unitard with gold symmetry work on the sides to remove her black and gold robe.

Taylor Swift Suffers From Wardrobe Malfunctions

Taylor Swift, being the queen that she is, can be heard uttering an enormous “oops!” before zipping her suit back up and shrugging off her robe.

She then offered the concert audience a head tilt before continuing her act. Despite the error, she did not expose any skin (she had on another black piece of clothing below the unitard). She handled the situation like a boss. Click here to view video content.

Swift handled a wardrobe malfunction like a queen when she wore a gorgeous knee-length, figure-hugging, long-sleeve custom Oscar de la Renta mini dress to the 2021 Grammy Awards – crafted with pressed flowers that were “tacked on individually” – and it fell apart.

Taylor Swift is a queen, as evidenced by how gracefully she handles wardrobe malfunctions.

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