Images of "SZA" Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Images of “SZA” Before and After Plastic Surgery


Over the years, rumors have spread that Nobody Gets Me, singer, SZA had plastic surgery. Now, the musician is finally talking about the rumors about plastic surgery that have been going around on the internet.

Solána Imani Rowe, better known as SZA, is using her new album to talk about the rumors about plastic surgery that have been going around for a while. Read on to see pictures of her before and after her changes.

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SZA’s Image After and Before Surgery

The All The Stars singer released her long-awaited second album, S.O.S., on Friday. Many of her fans now think that she had work done on her body. In the past, her fans thought, among other things, that she had a Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

After SZA's big break, her face started to look different

It looks like SZA’s new album has insinuated that all those rumors about her plastic surgery were true. “So classic, that ass is so fat, it looks natural, but it’s not,” she sings in the title song of her new album.

In another song called “Conceited,” SZA sings, “I just got my body done, ain’t got no guilt about it/I just heard your opinion, I could’ve done without it.” As of right now, she hasn’t said anything about a specific kind of surgery she might want.

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After SZA’s big break, her face started to look different

For those of you who don’t know, SZA started her music career around 2011 when she met Top Dawg Entertainment for the first time (TDE). Soon after that, the president, Terrence “Punch” Henderson, signed her after hearing her music. After her first two EPs came out, her fan base began to grow.

In 2014, SZA released her EP Z. Soon after that, she started writing songs for big names like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. Her first album, Ctrl, came out in 2017, and both fans and critics liked it.

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Around this time, the musician’s appearance started to change. She had lost some weight by that time, which is why her face looked smaller. In an interview with the media in 2017, the singer of “I Hate You” talked about her weight loss and defended Kendrick Lamar’s controversial lyrics about stretch marks in his song “Humble.”

Kendrick says in the song, “I’m so f— sick and tired of Photoshop. Show me something natural about Richard Pryor like an afro. Show me something natural, like an ass with some stretch marks.”

Then, SZA told Glamour, “If you want to support women, you should support all kinds of women… I used to weigh 200 pounds, and I have marks all over my body where my skin stretched. I feel better and more at ease when Kendrick tells me I’m beautiful.

After SZA's big break, her face started to look different

Then she went to the 2017 BET Awards and looked gorgeous, though it looked like she had work done on her nose and chin or just did a great job of contouring.

Fans have told her over and over that her features are different. Fans have posted before and after pictures of her on social media to show that she has had plastic surgery in the past. This is because her nose is straighter and her chin is bigger than it used to be.

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