R'Bonney Gabriel's Parents: R’bonney Gabriel’s Mother Says Family Are ‘so Proud of Her

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R’Bonney Gabriel’s Parents: R’bonney Gabriel’s Mother Says Family Are ‘so Proud of Her


R’Bonney Gabriel’s parents: R’Bonney Gabriel of Texas has been crowned Miss Universe 2023, and her mother, Dana Walker, has been by her side every step of the way.

On Saturday, January 14, the 71st Miss Universe pageant was held in the New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Just a five-hour journey from her birthplace in Houston, R’Bonney Gabriel was crowned Miss Universe 2023, bringing southern pride home.

You may be intrigued about R’Bonney Gabriel’s family history, given that she made history as the first Filipina-American to ever win the Miss Universe title.

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Introduce ourselves to R’Bonney Gabriel’s parents.

Who is R’bonney Gabriel’s Mother?

R’Bonney Gabriel is one of Dana Walker and Remigio Bonzon “R Bon” Gabriel’s four children. Her father immigrated from the Philippines to the United States, while her mother is from Texas.


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Dana Walker allegedly grew raised in Beaumont, Texas, but subsequently moved with her husband R Bon to Missouri City.

On CW39 Houston, R’Bonney Gabriel described her mother as a rural woman. She continued by describing her parents as a “heavenly couple.”

“Growing up with two distinct cultures has shaped who I am since the family relationship on my mother’s and fathers sides is so different. Gabriel told CW39’s Sharron Melton that the experience has just made him more tolerant.

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R’bonney Gabriel’s Mother Says Family Are ‘so Proud of Her

After her performance in Miss Universe 2023, you could assume that R’Bonney Gabriel is an experienced pageant participant. Gabriel entered the pageant world rather late, registering for her first competition at Miss Kemah USA 2020.

Who is Miss Universe 2023 R'Bonney Gabriel's Parents?

Gabriel’s mother, Dana, has been present to cheer her on throughout each tournament.

Dana commented in September 2021 about how happy the family was of R’Bonney after she came second at Miss Texas USA. Last Saturday, R’Bonney placed second in the Miss Texas USA competition. We are so very proud of her,” Dana posted on Facebook.

An earlier year, Dana had written, “Here I am with my husband, R’Bonney, and Brett. R’Bonney placed second in the Miss Kemah 2020 competition. I am quite pleased with her performance.”

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Who is R’bonney Gabriel’s Father?


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R’Bonney Gabriel enrolled her father, R Bon, to appear in an ad for her fashion company. R’Bonney quipped, “He begged me to pay him for modeling in my clothing brand’s photoshoot, but I refused since he owes me for always driving me nuts.”

In addition to his modeling career, R Bon has worked as a vehicle technician.

R Bon traveled to the United States with $20 in his pocket at the age of 25. After receiving a college scholarship, he relocated to Washington state. According to the Houston Chronicle, R’Bonney Gabriel’s father earned a doctorate in psychology from the University of Houston.

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