Rapper Big Scarr Is Dead at Only 22, Cause of his Death

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Rapper Big Scarr Is Dead at Only 22, Cause of his Death


Gucci Mane has announced the passing of Big Scarr, a 22-year-old rapper signed to Gucci’s label. In an Instagram post dated December 22, Gucci confirmed the news, saying “This hurts – I’m going to miss you @bigscarr” with a collection of images of the late rapper.

Many admirers are interested in the rapper’s cause of death now that the news of his death has been made public.

What was Big Scarr’s cause of death?

There has been no mention of a cause of death in reports of Big Scarr’s passing, so it is conceivable that additional information will emerge in the coming days. Also unknown is the rapper’s actual date of death.

Big Scarr had a prior near-death experience in 2020 when he was shot in the hip and the bullet entered his spine.

Doctors had to remove Big Scarr’s appendix and straighten his right leg due to severe internal damage caused by the gunshot, according to a story in Revolt.

Big Scarr, born Alexander Woods, was catapulted through the window of a friend’s vehicle in a near-fatal automobile accident when he was 16 years old.

Rapper, fans mourned Big Scarr’s death

Following the revelation that Big Scarr had passed away, numerous other rappers penned tributes to the legacy he had already established, despite being just 22 years old.

“This sh-t is great, WTF bro!” According to reports, rapper Key Glock planned to feature the rapper on his 2023 tour.


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A follower posted on Twitter, apparently upset by the news, “Damn Big Scarr, you hurt me with this one guy, I can’t lie.”

“Damn, RIP Big Scarr … This is definitely one of my favorite rappers to date, and it’s too tragic… too tragic “Following the news, football player Le’Veon Bell wrote:

The news of Big Scarr’s death had a profound effect on both the hip-hop community and average fans, who may have grown to appreciate the rapper’s work as his notoriety increased.

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In 2020, Big Scarr entered the hip world

Big Scarr began building a reputation for himself in 2020 after being signed to 1017 Records, Gucci Mane’s record company. Subsequently, he was featured on a number of 1017 compilation albums and began to build a reputation for himself, whether he was collaborating on a tune or had the opportunity to demonstrate his solo abilities.

Big Scarr Of Gucci Mane's 1017 Records Has Died Aged 22 | HipHopDX

In 2021, he released “Big Grim Reaper,” his first and only official mixtape, to widespread critical and commercial success.

The mix tape featured “Poppin’,” which was likely Big Scarr’s most recognized solo tune during his tragically brief career.

Big Scarr’s future in the business seemed bright, and despite the fact that his production in 2022 was less than in previous years, many in the hip-hop community and those who actively follow it maintained a tight eye on him. Fans will now be left struggling to comprehend why his life was cut short.

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