Meet Jake Paul's New Girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam

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Meet Jake Paul’s New Girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam


There is a new woman in Jake Paul’s life. Jutta Leerdam and the former YouTuber-turned-boxer have a love history. Jutta has been referred to as the “hottest speed skater in the world” by several media sites.

The professional skater and social media star have “been in contact with each other for months,” according to individuals who spoke to De Telegraaf, according to The U.S. Sun. Find out more about Jake Paul’s new love interest by scrolling on.

Jake Paul’s New Girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam

Jake Paul is currently not available for dating. The Dutch athlete Jutta Leerdam and the YouTube celebrity are now dating. Jutta is a well-known name in the speed skating community to those who are unfamiliar. She is 23 years old as of right now.

Jake Paul’s New Girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam

At the ISU Speed Skating World Cup in Calgary in December, Leerdam took home the gold medal. Her victory in the 1000-meter race was her fourth straight victory in the category.

According to many newspapers, Jake and Jutta Leerdam’s love story began on the social media site Instagram. After she uploaded a picture from the set of his “BS with Jake Paul” program on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, relationship speculations began to circulate about the two.

The sportsman just added “Soon” to the Instagram Story’s caption. Also, she included her location on her Instagram Story. During a recent occasion in Miami, they were pictured together.

According to a close source quoted by De Telegraaf, Jutta was already in Miami a few weeks ago… She is now in Miami for a Jake Paul performance. Then she returns alone to her residence.”

Jutta Leerdam Was Formerly Linked to Fellow Speed Skater Koe Verweij

Jutta was in a relationship with fellow speed skater Koen Verweij prior to generating romance rumors with Jake Paul. After 5 years of dating, the former couple decided to end their relationship.

Jutta Leerdam Was Formerly Linked to Fellow Speed Skater Koe Verweij

In an earlier interview, Leerdam said, “I’m having fun, although I’m not the type to stay single for the rest of my life. It’s fine for now but in the end I like to really build a relationship with someone. I still have a lot of love to give.”

Jutta Leerdam Instagram

The response to the question is unfair to question. Jutta Leerdam, like other athletes, has a profile on the social networking platform Instagram. Now, she has 4,1 million Instagram followers.

Earlier this month, on March 4, the professional speed skater uploaded a series of selfies to Instagram following the 1000m women’s final at the ISU World Speed Skating Championships.

“I can’t believe the season is over and I can’t believe I just finished the perfect season. 🥹 15 out of 15 races 1000 m🥇Thank you staff for helping me to this level, thank you @jumbovisma_ice and partners, thankyou teammates, thank you fans and supporters, I feel the love, thank you family and friends for always being there no matter what. See you next season! Love 🥰,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

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