Meet Ciara’s Baby Daddy: Guess Who is He?

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Meet Ciara’s Baby Daddy: Guess Who is He?


Are you curious about Ciara’s Baby’s Dady? Yeah, we are referring to the Better Thangs singer who is now in the news after receiving backlash for attending the 2023 Oscars wearing an open outfit.

Fans still can’t get over how it caused an uproar. For the time being, we’ll set her sense of style aside and focus on the father of her children. Let’s first briefly talk about Ciara’s prominence in the industry.

Beginning with the basics, Ciara Wilson is a skilled singer who consistently releases new music. She is a 37-year-old Fort Hood native who was born in 1985.

Among Ciara’s well-known musical accomplishments are the songs Get Up, Like a Boy, Never Ever, Dancing Like We’re Making Love, Ride, Jump, Greatest Love, and numerous others. You must listen to Ciara’s 2019 studio album, Beauty Marks if you’re a fan.

Meet Ciara’s Baby Daddy: Guess Who is He?

Ciara has a successful acting career in addition to her musical career. In the movie That’s My Guy, she even portrayed Brie. The Color Purple, in which Ciara will play Nettie, is scheduled for release.

To get back to Ciara’s personal life, she got married in 2016. There is just one person who shares two children with her—his baby daddy.

Both are devoted parents who have always appeared eager to grow their families. He is who? Here is all we know about Ciara’s baby daddy if you’re interested.

Meet Ciara’s Baby Daddy: Guess Who is He?

Ciara’s baby daddy is Russell Wilson, who is also her love interest. Russell, in case you were wondering, is a professional NFL athlete who primarily plays for the Denver Broncos.

In terms of his position, Ciara’s baby daddy is a football quarterback. He formerly worked with the Seattle Seahawks for around a decade. What about his accomplishments?

Meet Ciara’s Baby Daddy: Guess Who is He?

Russell was selected to the Pro Bowl not once, but nine times. He also received the Bart Starr Award last year. Ciara’s baby daddy has also worked with brands such as Nike, Microsoft, Duracell, and others.

In regards to Ciara Wilson’s previous relationships, she was once engaged to rapper Future, with whom she shares a kid named Future Zahir.

He was born in the year 2014. Therefore we can call Future Ciara’s father. Future’s hit songs include Mask Off, WAIT FOR U, Low Life, Turn on the Lights, March Madness, and more. The main reason for their breakup was infidelity.

What about Russell Wilson? Ciara has two children with him, a girl (2017) and a son (2020). They are called Sienna Princess, and despite the fact that Russell is Future Zahir’s stepfather, he treats him like his biological father. Russell is an excellent father.

Life with three children can be challenging and stressful at times. Ciara and Russell, on the other hand, have always welcomed the commotion that comes with having a full house. “It’s non-stop entertainment,” the singer stated. “I feel like if I could look back in a crystal ball when I was a small girl, and I looked at the idea of my family and what it would be for me, it’s precisely this,” Ciara explained. Everything has been going well, and she is having the time of her life with her husband and children.

Ciara Wilson and her husband, Russell Wilson, and their beautiful children (CC: People). Ciara’s baby daddy, Future, on the other hand, has a strained relationship with her. That is self-evident! Cheating charges drove a wedge between them. They called it quits in 2014 after Future allegedly cheated on her.

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