Markiplier finally released OnlyFans and brought down the entire website

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Markiplier finally released OnlyFans and brought down the entire website


I’m unsure when I began receiving recommendations from the Twitter page “Markiplier OnlyFans Updates,” but I do know that I’ve been monitoring YouTuber Mark Fischbach’s progressive hints from a distance for the past few weeks. The moment it arrived, the entire website was instantly rendered inoperable.

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Markiplier initially advocated the creation of an OnlyFans page in a YouTube video in October. He stated that he would join the site for content development under two conditions.

The first was when his podcast Distractable dethroned Joe Rogan’s program from the top of the Spotify and Apple charts. He also requested that Go! My Favorite Sports Team is the most popular podcast in Spotify’s sports category.

According to the most popular remark on the video, “Mark abusing the horniness of the internet and his fans for charity is a typical Mark move.”

From the perspective of an outsider, it may appear weird, but it’s all in the interest of the charity. In 2018, Markiplier released a “tasteful nudes” calendar with earnings benefiting the Cancer Research Institute.

In the video, Markiplier vowed once more to donate all OnlyFans revenues to charity, as well as earnings from propelling his podcasts to the top of their respective charts.

Not unexpectedly, his supporters delivered. After satisfying Markiplier’s requirements, spectators have been awaiting the OnlyFans’ eventual debut.

Following a mysterious Tweet reading just “tomorrow,” the page emerged… and almost quickly lit the entire website ablaze. DownInspector indicates a minor increase in reports after Markiplier’s page went up with snarky remarks referencing the issue. He tweeted a screenshot of the broken website with the caption “…seriously, guys?”

Thankfully, everything is back up and running, and the page already has 16,000 likes. In his biography, Markiplier authored “I am ‘pleased’ to notify you that you have reached Markiplier’s (my) Official Tasteful Nudes Only Fans, regardless of how you arrived.

Consequently, I am either proud or embarrassed by you.” This time, membership revenue from OnlyFans will be donated to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the World Food Program, “because if you’re going to quench your thirst, we may as well attempt to feed some people.” The first batch of photographs is currently accessible on the website, with two more releases planned for the future.

Though I grew up in an era where YouTube gaming personalities such as Markiplier and PewDiePie thrived, I never really paid attention to Markiplier

I’ve watched countless snatches of broadcasts and videos over the years, and the YouTuber appears to accomplish a great deal of good. It is gratifying to see him put his 34 million members to good use. Or, as said previously, exploit the lust of internet users everywhere. Fairly, that is probably a nice method to get money for charity.

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