Mark Elliott and Aoife McGregor Divorced: Here is Details

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Mark Elliott and Aoife McGregor Divorced: Here is Details


Mark Elliott and Aoife McGregor Divorced: Mark Elliott, the brother-in-law of Conor McGregor, said last night that his marriage to Aoife, the UFC superstar’s sister, had ended.

Mark revealed to the Sunday World last night, “It was primarily because of children; she wanted a baby and I did not.”

And Mark revealed the aftermath of the marriage’s disintegration, conceding that Conor and others saw the divorce coming a long time ago, providing a remarkable glimpse into one of Ireland’s most prominent families.

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“We almost reached our fourth wedding anniversary, which in this day and age is a long time to be married,” he joked.

According to Dubliner Mark (45), who has 20-year-old twin daughters from a previous relationship, the marriage failed.

Mark Elliott and Aoife McGregor Divorced: Here is Details

“The life we were attempting to live together did not work. It was neither for me nor for her. She wanted to do one thing, and I wanted to do something another.

“We are not communicating, but we are also not fighting. We remained in communication until around St. Patrick’s Day, after which we had a disagreement and have not spoken since. What it is, it is. We are two distinct individuals.”

Aoife (35) has been living with her parents since Christmas; according to Mark, he still resides in the home they had shared on the grounds of the K Club in County Kildare.

He acknowledges that Conor and others realized the relationship ended a long time ago.

We spent Christmas together for family’s sake, but since November we have been living separately and that’s all.

Mark Elliott and Aoife McGregor Divorced: Here is Details

Aoife is one of the three daughters of Tony and Margaret McGregor; the other two are hairdresser Erin, a pantomime star, and pantomime actor Conor (33), who has previously featured on RTÉ’s Dancing With The Stars.

Over ten years ago, Mark and the makeup artist Aoife met through mutual connections and immediately hit it off.

When the couple decided to get married on New Year’s Eve 2016, Mark proposed before a helicopter whisked them away to the luxurious Powerscourt hotel in County Wicklow to celebrate.

Aoife is well-known to the general public as a result of her dramatic confrontation with her dog groomer, which garnered prominence after she lost her temper and shrieked “the neck of you.”

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Mark chose not to comment on the audiotape, although he has a generous disposition toward his separated wife.

He insists, “Let her move on, be happy, and have a child.” “I do not wish to have a child.”

“At first, when we were together and before we got married, it was cool. Then you understand that I am somewhat older than she. There is a 10-year difference between us.

“I wanted to live a quiet life, but she spends most of her time around the world caring for Conor’s children with Dee, so we were mostly away for most of the year — putting a strain on her marriage.”

Mark’s life has changed since serving time in cannabis distribution; he is now a mini-digger operator.

On February 16, 2009, the Garda raided his home. Officers discovered two kilograms of cannabis herb, with a street value of €40,000.


Conor McGregor at St. Mary's Church for the wedding of his sister Aoife -  Mirror OnlineIn June of the following year, Mark was accused of possessing the chemical with the intent to sell and distribute it in Dublin Circuit Court.

For the raid, he received a cumulative term of six years in jail. Two years of the sentence, however, were suspended, and in June 2013, Mark was released from Wheatfield Prison after securing a 25% reduction.

“It’s Mark Elliot, the drug dealer, and he was tried and sentenced in Wheatfield,” Mark complains over the prior coverage of him. “I reside in the K Club, and all of my neighbors know I’m a wonderful guy. What occurred in the past.”

Mark acknowledges that in order to fly to Las Vegas to watch McGregor fight, he lied about having no criminal convictions on his American immigration paperwork.

Occasionally, he went over in Conor’s private aircraft to accompany the athlete on his excursions.

However, Mark was one of more than fifty McGregor supporters who were denied entry to the United States at Dublin Airport four years ago by US immigration agents who saw them as undesirables.

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