Why did Kate and Petruchio break up? Here is everything we know about their divorce

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Why did Kate and Petruchio break up? Here is everything we know about their divorce


Kate and Petruchio are the two most influential characters in “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare. In the play, Petruchio plays the shrew.

He has traveled to Padua with the intention of marrying a wealthy woman since he is a money seeker. The part of Petruchio has attracted a number of distinguished actors.

This part has been performed by actors such as Danny Smith, David CAVES, Rufus Sewell, and Morgan Freeman.

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Hortensio implanted in him the notion of marrying Kate Minola. Kate Minola is the daughter of the city’s richest man. Hortensio proposes this proposal since he cannot marry Bianca, Kate’s sister until Kate is wed.

If Petruchio follows this notion, both parties will benefit. After marrying Kate, Petruchio considers the dowry he would get and decided to accept it.

During their first encounter, Petruchio matches Kate’s ferocity and succeeds to convince Kate’s father that she loves Petruchio but just pretends to detest him in public.

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Why Did They Break Up?

The couple marries as quickly as possible. However, Petruchio pushes Kate to leave the wedding ceremony early, and he himself also comes late. Petruchio begins to use Kate and manipulate her in a variety of ways.

He behaves improperly with the staff and screams at them, terrifying Kate. Then, he presents Kate with some jewels and clothing, which he wants her to reject since he believes they are beneath her. Additionally, he commands Kate to obey him without question.

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Kate passes both of Petruchio’s tests by agreeing to the claims that the moon is the sun and that a man is a woman. Then, during the ceremony, he shows off by holding a competition between his wife, Lucentio, and Hortensio. He stated that the competition will be based on whichever wife is the most obedient to her husband.

They need just call for their spouses and choose who comes forward first. All of them ask their spouses to attend, but only Kate responds, allowing Petruchio to win the competition. Then, Petruchio orders women to deliver a speech on how to respect their spouses.

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Petruchio does all of this because he desires society to believe he controls the most shrewish woman in town. He married Kate simply for her money and is currently taming her to demonstrate that women are subservient in marriage.

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This also demonstrates his macho chauvinism. As the play progresses, it becomes clear that Petruchio did not marry Kate just for her money; he also desired a subdued wife.

This scene has been regarded by critics as one of the most mysterious in all of Shakespeare’s plays. Some argued that this sequence was unnecessary. Occasionally, Kate’s speeches also shock the audience.

This scene was written by Shakespeare to poke fun at the institution of marriage. Shakespeare’s female characters have always been treated with compassion in his plays.

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From the very beginning of the performance, Kate appeared to be a fiery, dominant, and feisty lady. Kate’s statement reveals that she is wealthy and not a tamed shrew.

They then quickly left the event and returned to their respective homes. Petruchio continued to speak kindly to Kate. She continues to exert control over her life. In the meanwhile, Bianca marries Lucentio, and Hortensio weds a wealthy widow.

In the last scene of the play, both Bianca and Hortensio’s new bride reveal herself to be shrewish. Kate is fed up with the relationship and, exhausted by her husband’s demands, decides to call off the wedding. She does not wish to spend her life in this manner and will not tolerate any of Petruchio’s theatrics.

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