Kailyn Lowry Ex reveal Her Secrets

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Kailyn Lowry Ex reveal Her Secrets: Does Kailyn Lowry Have a 5th Baby?

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Kailyn Lowry was always a popular cast member on MTV’s Teen Mom franchise, so people were sad when she left the show. Fans could still keep up with Kailyn and see how her family was growing, though. Even though she quit MTV, which many fans didn’t like, Kailyn kept up with her show and social media, letting fans see how she was raising (and co-parenting) her four boys, Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed.

Lowry’s life hasn’t always been smooth sailing, though. Even though most of the trouble with the fathers of her first two children is over (Kailyn is friends with Isaac’s stepmother Vee and co-hosts with her), Lux and Creed’s dad Chris Lopez don’t get along well with Kailyn. Chris Lopez admitted to hurting Kailyn physically, and he may have told some lies about her private life.

Drama Has Always Surrounded Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez

Fans will remember that Kailyn Lowry had a lot of baby daddy trouble after she had her son Lux with Chris Lopez. There were fights over who would take care of the kids and a lot of insults from both sides, but in the end, the two decided to break up.

Fans thought so, at least. Later, Kailyn and Chris had a second boy together. They named him Romello Creed, which seems to be his middle name. Still, they hadn’t gotten back together, and Kailyn later criticized Chris for going on a trip instead of helping her pay for their younger son’s health care.

After all of that, fans could only hope that Kailyn would leave Chris for good, and maybe leave the fights about money and child custody to the courts.

But after Lowry kept making serious accusations and throwing more shade, Lopez responded—and threw some shade of his own.

Kailyn Lowry Says That Chris Lopez Hurt Her Physically

Kailyn Lowry talked about her “tumultuous and toxic” relationship with Chris Lopez in a radio interview. This was after they had fought in public for years. She said that Chris cheated on her several times and became violent during their relationship, which lasted from 2016 to 2020.

Kailyn Lowry Ex reveal Her Secrets

Kailyn said that Chris broke a window and a door in her house and once choked her while she was carrying their child. In a separate episode, Kailyn said that Chris tried to “smother” her, but she didn’t want to call the police at the time.

Kailyn said that she didn’t do anything because she always hoped that Chris would “get better” and “choose” her. She did end up filing charges against him, which led to him getting probation, domestic violence classes, and a “no contact” order. But Chris Lopez said on TikTok right after Kailyn’s podcast show that Kailyn didn’t tell the whole story.

Chris Lopez Says Kailyn Was the First to Hit Him

Chris Lopez has protected himself against Kailyn’s claims more than once, but he doesn’t say that he didn’t choke or suffocate Kailyn Lowry in a certain situation. He pleaded guilty to the crime, which was a minor, spent some time in jail, and was later given probation instead of the two-year sentence that could have been given.

When asked about Kailyn’s claims during a Teen Mom 2 gathering, Lopez said, “It’s been abuse on both sides… She is acting like I really beat her up. That’s what everyone says, that I really did beat her. I never beat her. Did I make a threat? I may have said some things when I was mad…”

Lopez said this about the smothering: “I’m not going to stand here and act like I’m innocent. I’ve been busy. I went to jail because of that. “I got what I deserved.”

In a TikTok response to Kailyn’s new accusations, he said that Lowry was the one who touched him first.

Lopez said to Kailyn in his TikTok video, “But if you want to sit here and tell the story of domestic violence, then tell the part where you attacked me physically.” Multiple times. Not once, not twice, and not even three times…so if you’re going, to be honest, be honest about everything.”

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Chris said that Kailyn was trying to “paint [him] as abusive,” but if she wanted to do that, she should “say the part where you started hitting that man first.”

Does Kailyn Lowry Have a 5th Baby?

Chris also talked in his TikTok about some of the problems he and Kailyn have had raising their two kids together. For example, they have fought about how to divide up time and responsibilities for getting their son to school on time.

Lopez said, “I’ve never seen someone take advantage of someone being quiet for so long.” He was talking about Kailyn’s public words about him and the fact that he kept quiet.

Kailyn Lowry Ex reveal Her Secrets

Chris said, “Seriously, I’m done with you, bro. You say you’re so real and raw, but you have a newborn you should be focusing on. Instead, you’re making up drama to hide the fact that you should be caring for your baby.”

Chris called Kailyn out for not seeming to care about what their kids needed, and he also blew a months-long cover-up about her fifth child. Fans have always thought Kailyn was pregnant, and there were hints that she had a baby at home, but she always said she wasn’t.

Chris has put everything out there, both good and bad, so it seems like Kailyn can’t deny that she has a fifth child with her new boyfriend, Elijah Scott, who is the fourth father.

She could be taking her time to tell everyone on her own if the news is true.


Kailyn Lowry left MTV’s Teen Mom franchise, but kept up with her show and social media, raising her four boys. Chris Lopez admitted to hurting Kailyn physically and telling lies about her private life.

Lowry criticized him for going on a trip instead of helping her pay for their son’s health care. Kailyn Lowry filed charges against Chris Lopez, leading to him getting probation, domestic violence classes, and a “no contact” order.

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