Is Juan Dixon Was Cheating on Their Ex-Wife?

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Is Juan Dixon Cheating on Their Ex-Wife? Explore More Details


Is Juan Dixon Cheating on Their Ex-Wife? In Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Potomac, one of Robyn Dixon’s co-stars challenges her relationship with Juan Dixon once more.

Their relationship has been marked by the births of their boys Carter and Corey, highs and lows in their careers, infidelity, and, ultimately, divorce. While the couple found their way back to one other and re-engaged in 2019, Juan’s previous tendencies have allegedly not entirely vanished.

In a recent episode of Season 7, Karen Huger commented on Robyn and Juan’s relationship, and the Grande Dame revealed Juan’s alleged behind-the-scenes activities. Then, is Juan Dixon unfaithful to Robyn? The basketball coach addressed the matter as follows.

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Juan Dixon threatened to “cuss one of those f—-ing women out” in response to ‘RHOP’ cheating claims

Ashley Darby and Karen sat down to talk about Juan and Robyn on RHOP Season 7 Episode 15, “Indecent Disclosure.” During the conversation, Karen revealed to Ashley that Juan was secretly dating a lady who resembled her. In response to the charge, the filmmakers drew a funny depiction of how the Karen doppelganger may appear.

However, the situation deteriorated slightly once Ashley informed Robyn about Karen’s rumors.

Later that day, while they were out shopping, Ashley relayed to Robyn what Karen had told her. Robyn initially believed the claims were a joke, but after Ashley informed her that Karen had instructed her not to repeat the rumor to Robyn, she decided to call Juan to hear his side of the story.

When she reported Karen’s statement to her fiancé, the former Washington Wizards player fiercely denied having an affair with another woman.

“Karen has never met me!” Juan stated. “You know me, I’m a homebody! I’m completely lost in DC! Tell them to stop talking nonsense! Robyn, I’m going to curse out one of those f—-ing women!

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Ashley immediately spoke and requested that Juan stop yelling at Robyn. Some viewers appreciated seeing Juan hang up on his ex-wife and partner in real-time. Robyn, however, seemed to believe that Karen is in trouble, as she stated that Karen “should not have opened that bag of worms.”

When Juan and Robyn Dixon were married, he admittedly cheated on her

Even though many people are suspicious that Juan is not cheating on Robyn, we’ll play devil’s advocate for a moment. Juan and Robyn have never been reluctant to discuss their problems on RHOP, from their financial struggles to their divorce in 2012.

Robyn filed for divorce after nine years of marriage when she discovered Juan’s infidelity. According to The Diamondback, he began dating Cris Sanchez in 2009, a woman he characterized as “the love of my life.”

On Potomac, Juan stated that Cris filled a glaring need in his and Robyn’s marriage. Juan stated on the show in 2020, “I believe Robyn eventually put up a wall and didn’t offer me what I felt I needed from [marriage]; thus, I found it elsewhere.”

Juan ultimately stopped his romance with Cris and returned to Robyn. Despite Robyn’s admission that their financial difficulties and “having to support one another for the sake of your children” drew them back together, the pair seemed to be committed to making their second marriage succeed. Just avoid asking them about their wedding date.

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New episodes of The Real Housewives of Potomac run on Bravo every Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT. The series is also exclusively available to stream on Peacock.

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