Recently, Josh Flagg of "Million Dollar Listing L.A." was candid about his divorce

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Recently, Josh Flagg of “Million Dollar Listing L.A.” was candid about his divorce


A Bravo reality program would not be complete without some romantic conflict. Despite the fact that Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (MDLLA) focuses mostly on youthful real estate agents attempting to sell luxury properties in the City of Angels, there are times when its subjects reveal intimate details about their personal life. In March 2022, Agent Josh Flagg stated that he was divorcing fellow agent Bobby Boyd.

Since then, their professional relationship has been cordial, although Season 14 of the program looks to depict a deterioration as Josh develops a connection with Andrew Beyer. Continue reading to learn what we know about Josh Flagg’s divorce and subsequent life.

Josh Flagg Announces Divorce From Husband Bobby Boyd | The Daily Dish

In March 2022, Josh Flagg and his ex-husband Bobby Boyd announced their divorce

In March 2022, Josh Flagg’s Instagram post was the first confirmation that he and his five-year-old spouse, Bobby, were divorcing. He penned, “Bobby and I are splitting up. This may seem sudden, but I decided it was better to be forthright from the beginning than to conceal the title. This was not an impetuous or hasty choice. Before arriving at this decision, we gave it some deliberation.”

He continued, “It was not due to a lack of affection, but more to the fact that we had grown apart and desired quite different things for ourselves.

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I hold Bobby in the highest regard and have nothing but love and respect for him. I want the manner in which we part ways to reflect this. Thank you for your consistent support.”

In response, Bobby issued a message on his own Instagram, stating, “I would not alter the previous six years of my life for anything in the world. I met and fell in love with my closest buddy six years ago. On our first date, we became inseparable and moved at a breakneck pace.

Josh and I had a whirlwind romance for which I will be eternally thankful. Throughout the course of our partnership, we have both taught and learned from one another a great deal.”

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Despite the seeming amicability of their breakup, the Season 14 teaser for MDLLA hinted that all may not be well between the exes. Josh got extremely unhappy when he learned that two of his employees, Josh Altman and Tracey Tutor, were expressing excitement about seeing and spending time with Bobby, who had recently relocated to a different brokerage.

Million Dollar Listing" host Josh Flagg breaking up with Bobby Boyd

Josh shouted fiercely, “If you want to be friends with the individual, be friends with the individual. However, I have no interest in hearing about all of your fond recollections and wonderful occasions, so fβ€”k you both.”

On a brighter note, it appears like Season 14 of MDLLA will also include Josh’s relationship with Andrew Beyer, his new lover. Reportedly, the couple began dating shortly after Josh and Bobby decided to split, but before the divorce was made public.

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Fans will have to tune in to Million Dollar Listing L.A. on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo to find out.

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