Jonathan Majors Girlfriend 2023: Why Was He Arrested?

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Jonathan Majors Girlfriend 2023: Why Was He Arrested?


Through his fascinating performances in multiple high-budget films, Jonathan Majors earned his place in the Hollywood entertainment business.

The actor entered the mainstream and even appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after gaining notoriety from the miniseries When We Rise on ABC.

The actor with a net worth of approximately $2 million has been charged with allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Although he portrays a brutal boxer in Creed III, Jonathan Majors professes to be more of a lover than a warrior. Yet, the actor has effectively kept his personal life secret and has rarely spoken about his relationships with others.

People are perplexed to learn more about the purported victim who identifies herself as Majors’s girlfriend in light of recent news articles concerning his detention.

Jonathan Majors Girlfriend 2023

Jonathan Majors Girlfriend 2023: Why Was He Arrested?
Jonathan Majors Girlfriend 2023: Why Was He Arrested?

The dating life of Jonathan Majors attracts the greatest attention due to the fact that it is concealed. Fans became more invested in the actor’s love life after a few revelations about it.

Once his Valentine’s Day interview with The Cut was released, people began to investigate his secret dating life. TwoMoi, an online celebrity gossip website, encouraged fans to investigate Majors’ problematic relationships, and the reported results might be a significant surprise.

The publication was informed by sources of the actor’s relationship with a British dancer. Majors was also sighted on holiday in Hawaii with a potential companion.

As a result of unknown sources sharing photographs of Majors with the beautiful blonde British girl, her name was quickly made public. According to Internet users’ research, the British dancer’s name is Grace Jabbari.

On numerous occasions, the pair was spotted together. On Jabbari’s 30th birthday in New York City, the actor was spotted with her, and he was also spotted in Hawaii on holiday.

In 2022, the pair was again sighted on the Red Carpet. Other reputable publications, such as Just Jared, have referenced Grace Jabbari alongside Jonathan Majors on multiple occasions.

But, the actor has yet to clarify the rumored relationship he has with the British dancer. Until then, Jabbari and Majors will remain rumors among fans.

Jonathan Majors Arrested

This past weekend, Jonathan Majors was arrested in New York City; according to police, he is suspected of touching a woman, but Jon’s team calls him Nonsense.

According to law enforcement officials, the actor was arrested for strangling, assault, and harassment on Saturday morning. We’re informed that officers responded to a plea for help in the Chelsea section of Manhattan at about 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

According to reports, the accused victim in this case, a female, reported to police that Majors attacked her following a quarrel. Unknown is their actual relationship.

According to our sources, the accused victim had apparent injuries, including a laceration behind her ear, facial redness, and facial marks. She was sent to a local hospital and her condition is stable.

As for Majors, he was handcuffed and transported to jail immediately because police believed there was sufficient evidence for probable cause. According to reports, he is now at large.

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