Jenna Ortega and Pete Davidson Dating Rumors: Fans Consider Dating Possibilities

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Jenna Ortega and Pete Davidson Dating Rumors: Fans Consider Dating Possibilities


Jenna Ortega dressed up like Pete Davidson’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande years ago, and the idea of the Wednesday actress and SNL star dating has become a huge subject on social media for no apparent reason.

This is unlike any other celebrity dating rumor, which often arises from a rare public sighting or tryst abroad. People are currently imagining what a relationship between Pete and Jenna would be like.


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On Twitter and TikTok, many have expressed their frank opinions on it.

We have previously witnessed Jenna Angel and Asher Angel impersonating Ariana and Pete on the red carpet, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to visualize the situation.

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When Jenna Ortega pretended to be Pete Dawson’s girlfriend

Jenna Ortega and Pete Davidson Dating Rumors: Fans Consider Dating Possibilities

They started dating in May 2018 and became engaged shortly thereafter, only to break up five months later.

Even though the famous couple had broken up, Jenna and Asher attended Just Jared’s Halloween Party in 2018 dressed as them.

According to reports, they informed the media outlet that they had prepared their costumes weeks before the engagement was canceled, so they chose to continue wearing them.

Fans Consider Dating Possibilities

Pete Davidson performs for first time since alarming Instagram post

Fans view the possibility of Jenna and Pete dating as absurd, with the majority of them wishing it never comes to pass.

The recent appearance of a hypothetical chat about a potential romance between the actor and comedian caused a social media frenzy. “The moment Pete Davidson begins dating Jenna Ortega, I will step into traffic,” read one tweet.

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Another admirer stated, “I will cry if Pete Davidson dates Jenna Ortega.” “What if I stabbed you in the throat if Pete Davidson and Jenna Ortega start dating?” quipped another admirer.

Another said, “I’ll leap off a cliff if Jenna Ortega is in a relationship with Pete Davidson in the future.”

Fans are simply protecting the Wednesday star

The majority of followers simply want to protect Jenna because she is too dear to their hearts, while some are simply envious that she is dating anyone. Regardless of the cause, Jenna’s fans only wish her the best as she basks in the success of her Netflix program.

She portrays the intelligent and acerbic Wednesday Addams on the famous television series. The first season’s eight episodes are presently available on Netflix.

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