Why Did Jeannie Mai and Freddy Harteis Get Divorced? Divorce Settlement Info

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Why Did Jeannie Mai and Freddy Harteis Get Divorced? Divorce Settlement Info


Jeannie Mai and Freddy Harteis Get Divorced: Jeannie Mai just endured a difficult divorce from her husband of eleven years, Freddy Harteis. The former host of a daytime talk show, who is now a fashion expert, discussed her experience.

She has emerged more powerful than ever despite the hardship. When their divorce was confirmed, Mai was left with a newfound feeling of independence, a murderous, angry body, and an overall sense of calm.

Why Did Jeannie Mai and Freddy Harteis Get Divorced?

Mai and Hartis were married in 2007. Mai was a fashion consultant and host of her makeover program on the Style Network. Harteis defined himself as a “passionate outdoorsman” with a property in Colorado and a position as a hunter on his television show The Hollywood Hunter.

Mai was public about her desire to have no children, which she said began to impair her marriage.

The presenter remarked, “I was fairly forthright about the likelihood that I would not have children prior to our marriage, partly because I’ve never felt that way. And now that he’s considered an adult, he appears to want children and has stated so openly.

When Mai was spotted without her wedding band, causing rumors that the couple had separated, she revealed on The Real that she intended to file for divorce.

He is still, in the most literal sense, the greatest man I know. “He reminds me of my father, so I married him,” she remarked. “During our 13 years together, there was never any lying, deceit, or cheating,” she added. He is a really devoted, caring, and amusing gentleman.

Jeannie Mai's estranged husband and girlfriend prepare for their baby

According to reports, Mai’s choice not to have children led to their separation. She once mentioned on the show that she considered freezing her eggs, but ultimately decided against it. She cited “irreconcilable issues” in her legal divorce papers.

Within a year of their separation, Harteis gave birth to a daughter while the couple was going through a divorce. Mai later described the timing as odd and implied that she believed he had been seeing another woman while they were still together.

Jeannie Mai and Freddy Hartei’s Divorce Settlement Info

Throughout the production of The Real, Mai wept several times during her divorce. When asked in an emotional segment what she wishes she had known sooner, Mai said that she wished she had never wed her estranged ex.

Mai remarked, “It’s interesting, considering he always stated that you don’t truly know a person until they don’t get what they want. But I never expected him to be the one to show that to me.

Pregnant Jeannie Mai's ex-husband slams The Real host as 'trash' after news she's expecting baby with husband Jeezy | The US Sun

Mai then elaborated on how Harteis reportedly approached her for money following their separation. She also said that she should have ended their relationship sooner and that she did not follow her intuition at that period.

Nonetheless, Mai decided to learn from her errors and avoid developing resentment by concentrating on her health, fitness, and rehabilitation. When the choice was taken to end the marriage, she finally benefited from it.

The Blast said in January 2019 that Mai retained all of the furnishings and artwork from their $1 million Sherman Oaks, California property. In addition, she received her clothing, jewelry, personal effects, and bank accounts.

With the assistance of celebrity attorney Marci Levine, she was granted Mai Dream Inc., her investment in her entertainment company, and all of the money she made following her divorce from Harteis.

Harteis got off with three autos and multiple bank accounts. Due to the absence of a prenuptial agreement, Mai made a one-time, private payment to Harteis. Neither party was obligated to pay spousal maintenance to the other.

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