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Is Tems Pregnant? Is There Truth to the Rumors?

Mai K. Sosa

Unfortunately, most celebrities are subjected to pregnancy rumors on a regular basis. Tems, a Nigerian musician, has recently been the subject of such rumors. She was sighted at Burberry’s London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 show. Many people assumed she was pregnant when she was there, and the speculation escalated from there.

The stories have continued to circulate online, and many people are curious as to whether they are genuine. There have also been rumors that she is pregnant with Future’s child. Here’s what we know so far.

Is Tems Pregnant?

Tems does not appear to be pregnant! The artist herself verified the same, claiming that the claims are insane and that these people are insane!

While Tems verified that she was not pregnant, pregnancy rumors began to circulate after a video clip went viral in which viewers appeared to glimpse Tems with a baby bump! Tems was stunned and even tweeted about what was going on with all the pregnancy rumors.

Not only that, but many people believe she is pregnant with rapper Future. On Future’s Wait For U, the Oscar-nominated singer worked with Drake and Future.

Is Tems Pregnant

The song was a major hit, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in its first week of release. The song was also Tems’ first No. 1 on the charts, Future’s second, and Drake’s tenth.

The pregnancy allegations began to circulate after Tems attended the recent Burberry Summer 2024 fashion show in London, with many speculating that she was sporting a rumored baby bump that she was hiding beneath her vest top and huge zip coat.

Who Is Tems’ Boyfriend?

While nothing is known about Tems’ lover, the singer and composer was previously dating Dubby, who is rumored to be a music producer. After some time together, the two split ways.

Dubby made a shocking admission about being unfaithful to Tems and regretting messing with her. This discovery came after a fan asked him on social media about his biggest regret.

Is Tems Pregnant

Dubby discussed the cheating while admitting that he had no idea the value of his gold until he lost it. Tems has lately ignited dating rumors with her manager,

Muyiwa Awoniyi; these dating rumors were fueled further after Muyiwa wrote an emotional birthday message for Tems, calling her his best friend and an all-around angel, and adding that he is honored to have her in his life.

The Origin of Tems’ Pregnancy Rumors

Although the claims that Tems is pregnant appear to be founded on anything, the rumors that Future is the father appear to be fake. Other than the fact that Future sampled one of Tems’ tracks, there’s no evidence the two are acquainted. It seems unlikely that they are romantically involved and will have a child together.

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While a video of a lady wearing a dress does not show that she is pregnant, it is likely that Tems is pregnant. If she is pregnant, she will very certainly make a public announcement when she is ready.

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