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Is JG Wardy Arrested: Where is JG at the Moment?

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JG Wardy’s arrest has been widely reported online, but this is hardly the rapper’s first run-in with the law. Washington, DC native and rapper JG Wardy aka Broadus Jamal Daniels.

Unfortunately, reports of his arrest on drug and weapon charges have surfaced recently. He might get a minimum sentence of 30 years if he is found guilty. Those who are familiar with his music have surely had many different reactions to this news.

While JG Wardy’s online presence was substantial and he went live frequently, few of his viewers seem to remember him showing firearms or even the aftermath of an automobile accident. Some people have criticized him for being reckless and foolish for acting in this way. If you want to know what he did wrong and where he is now, you’ll have to read on.

Is JG Wardy Arrested? What Did He Do?

U.S. federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges against four men, including one identified only as “JG Wardy,” Broadus Jamal Daniels, this morning. Broadus Jamal Daniels (JG Wardy), Eugene Tracy Hill, Diante Arik Wiley, and Andre Alonte Willis were the four convicted criminals.

The charges were issued by U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves, and the special agent involved is Wayne A. Jacobs of the FBI’s Criminal and Cyber Division at the Washington Field Office. The indictment states that the four defendants were involved in an ongoing drug distribution conspiracy involving marijuana and oxycodone.

JG Wardy Arrested
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Hill and Willis were charged with distributing over 100 kg of marijuana, possessing it with the intent to distribute it, and/or conspiring to do so. The indictment alleges that Wiley not only participated in the trafficking of illegal substances but also played a key role in concealing the activities of his co-conspirators.

To protect the narcotics, money, and territory linked with the plot, Wiley constructed AR-Pistol machineguns using parts he bought from online shops. These machine guns were then sold to members of the criminal operation, including Hill, Daniels (JG Wardy), Willis, and others.

The lack of serial numbers made it impossible for law authorities to keep track of the rifles after they were pieced together. Privately made firearms, also known as “ghost guns” on the streets, fall under the ATF’s “Privately Made Firearms” category.

Where is JG Wardy at the Moment?

After his arrest, official news outlets have been silent on JG Wardy’s whereabouts. It has also been brought up that he is a father, which adds a new dimension of worry to his current predicament.

Drug trafficking conspiracy, illegal gun possession and transfer, and machine gun use are all included in the list of charges. The seriousness of the offense suggests that Wardy could face serious judicial repercussions if found guilty.

JG Wardy Arrested

A minimum penalty of 30 years is possible if he is found guilty. As the case progresses, the court will evaluate the evidence and rule on the defendant’s or plaintiff’s guilt.

The United States Attorney, Special Agent, Acting Special Agent, and Chief all lauded the work of the FBI, ATF, and MPD in their investigation of the case. They also gave credit to the work of Paralegal Specialist Genevieve de Guzman and Assistant U.S. Attorney James B. Nelson of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Columbia.

The indictment contains allegations, not proof of guilt; all defendants are assumed innocent until proven otherwise.


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