Is Ellie Gay in The Last of Us Game

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Is Ellie Gay in the Last of Us Game?


In our review of Episode 7, we stated that the game’s “most tragic background is given the care it deserves; it is masterfully translated, acted by Ramsey and Reid, and serves as a reminder that love left behind is never forgotten.”

The episode jumps back to three weeks before Ellie meets Joel, as he slowly recovers. During this time, she is still attending FEDRA school, and her best buddy Riley secretly takes her to the mall.

They share a last kiss, but is this any different from the game?

Is Ellie Gay in The Last of Us Game?

Ellie is Gay in The Last of Us game and television programs.

Throughout the game, we also witness her connection with Riley in the Left Behind DLC and with Dina in The Last of Us Part 2. Although it has not been confirmed, it is probable that Dina will appear in Season 2.

Prior to the premiere of the show, a fan tweeted co-creator Craig Mazin: “Keep the gays gay. Please and thanks. Please do not delete this depiction. Well, I cannot wait for this!”

On the most recent episode of The Last of Us podcast, Mazin and Neil Druckmann discussed how Ellie and Riley’s actual thoughts are revealed when they tour the mall, namely in front of Victoria’s Secret store.

Druckmann stated, “These females like each other, they genuinely like each other, but they are too frightened to express it.”

“Here are two females who are both homosexual, and their sexuality is perplexing and frightening to them. To remind everyone, the world in our program ends in 2003,” Mazin continued.

The Last of Us fans cast 'perfect' Ellie in the show's season 2

“The cultural shift that has led to the acceptance of homosexuality and other non-heteronormative sexual orientations has not occurred… As they say, that stuff is still troublesome on this planet.”

About their kiss, Mazin stated, “It’s like a game… I do not believe that is a terrible thing. That was amazing in the game, and it’s beautiful here, so I believe it’s a wonderful thing.”

The Last of Us Episode 8 will be streamable on March 5 in the United States and March 6 in the United Kingdom. To read more about episode 8 then follow this link: The Last of Us Episode 8 Release Date: Did Ellie Save Joel’s Life In Episode 7?

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