Is Amanda Batula Pregnant?

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Is ‘Summer House’ Star Amanda Batula Finally Pregnant?

Mai K. Sosa

Reality television stars have a way of becoming household names, and Amanda Batula is no exception. Known for her appearance on Bravo TV’s hit show ‘Summer House,’ Amanda has been in the spotlight for her relationship with fellow cast member Kyle Cooke.

Infidelity has been a theme in recent seasons, with rumors becoming more serious as the show progresses. Regardless of how people feel about Amanda and Kyle’s relationship, the 31-year-old is staying by her guy. In fact, since the couple married, Bravo viewers have been wondering whether and when they will create a family.

Fans and followers have been eagerly anticipating the news of a potential pregnancy. In this article, we explore the latest updates and rumors surrounding Amanda Batula’s possible pregnancy.

Are Amanda and Kyle Expecting?

Amanda has spoken extensively about her infertility struggles. It appears that she and Kyle have had difficulty conceiving a child. However, the latest season’s teaser strongly suggests that she is still trying and may have succeeded.

Her and Kyle are seen waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. Anyone who has been there knows that those three minutes are the longest ever.

While the teaser does not reveal the outcome, it is evident that this will be a major storyline point this season. While it’s unclear where it will lead, what a teaser!

What Amanda Batula Said About Her Desire for Children?

The women of Summer House decided to organize a tea party in the March 6 episode. They discussed everything from their husbands to personal issues, with Amanda being open about her fertility concerns.

During their tea party, the ladies decided to play a game, and the subject of pregnancy came up. Samantha Feher, the show’s newest member, believes Amanda will have children first because she is the only married lady on the show.

Unfortunately, that was when Amanda revealed her infertile reality. She stated that she and Kyle “want to have children.”It’s just not going to happen right now.”

“As some of you know, I went off birth control right after the wedding,” she revealed. I’ve been wanting to get off birth control for a long time. And then I had my last period in November.”

Is Amanda Batula Pregnant?

Paige DeSorbo inquired whether Amanda was concerned about not having her menstrual period, and Ciara Miller inquired if Amanda had seen an ob-gyn.

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“That’s what the next move is,” Amanda explained. “I’m honestly a little scared about going. It could just be something simple, but there’s an element of ‘I don’t want to know.'”

Amanda said in a confessional that she hadn’t expressed her concerns to Kyle.

“I don’t like telling people things that might cause them fear or concern if I don’t have the answers, and I know I need to see a doctor, but maybe I’m not ready to find out what’s wrong.” So, we’ll see,” she explained.

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