Harry and Meghan's Car Accident

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Here’s Why Harry and Meghan’s “Near-catastrophic” Car Accident is Not Covered by Their Royal Protection

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in a “near-catastrophic” car chase not too long ago. At first, the couple was accused of “exaggerating” what happened, but later, they told Page Six that “their account of the car chase was not at all exaggerated” and that people who said otherwise were hurtful and rude.

At first, the person who spoke for them said that it was “nearly fatal.” After the actress from “Suits” was honored at the Women of Vision Awards on May 16, reporters followed her, her husband, and her mother, Doria Ragland, around Manhattan.

“Last night, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Ms. Ragland, and a group of very aggressive paparazzi were in a near-catastrophic car chase,” the rep said in a statement released the next day. “This relentless pursuit, which lasted more than two hours, almost hit other drivers, pedestrians, and two NYPD officers several times.”

They also said, “People are interested in public figures, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of anyone’s safety.” Soon, a security expert weighed in on the matter and said that royal security doesn’t cover the chaos. This is why.

After Harry and Meghan Moved to the US, Tyler Perry Provided Security for Them

In their shocking interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan said that during their move to the US, it was hard to get safety for their family because Harry’s family “literally cut me off financially.” Even though they left a lot of questions about their security, Harry said that their royal protection was taken away “on short notice” while they were in Vancouver, Canada.

“Their justification was a change in status,” Harry said in a statement before the interview. “I pushed back and asked if the threat or risk had changed.” Oprah then said that when the Sussexes went to Los Angeles in April 2020, they had to stay in a home owned by Tyler Perry, who also gave them security at that time.

Harry and Meghan's Car Accident

Harry also said that the money he got from his mother, Princess Diana, was all they had to get by. Sean Spence, who was getting his doctorate in security risk management at the University of Portsmouth at the time, also gave The Conversation an idea of how much it would cost to protect the former working royals.

“As a security expert, when I add up all the initial security costs, like a Threat Risk Assessment, basic residential security, an armored SUV, and five full-time close protection officers, it comes to just over $2.5 million,” he said. “However, many of these are one-time costs for things like housing and transportation.”

Harry and Meghan Are Filing a Lawsuit Against the UK Government in Order to Get Police Protection

In February 2023, the UK press reported that Harry and Meghan’s legal battle against the UK government over police security had already cost taxpayers about $357,000. In 2021, it began. A representative for the prince said at the time that the goal of his case is “to make sure that he and his family are safe while in the UK so that his children can get to know his home country.”

Even though the Sussexes have their own protection, their representatives said that they can’t get UK intelligence. It looks like Harry’s offer to pay for police security was also turned down.

“Prince Harry was born with a security risk that will last for the rest of his life,” their camp said in a statement. “He is still sixth in line for the throne. He has done two tours of combat duty in Afghanistan, and his family has been threatened by neo-Nazis and other extremists in recent years.”

Harry and Meghan's Car Accident

“[Prince Harry’s] role in the Institution has changed, but his status as a member of the royal family has not,” they said. The threat to him and his family hasn’t helped either.” In May, a judge at the UK’s highest court said that Harry could not pay for “personal protective security by the police.”

So, royal expert Richard Atich said that even though he feels sorry for the couple after their recent car chase, which he called a “side effect” of being in the public eye, they could have avoided it by not taking a yellow New York taxi cab, given their security concerns.

“When you take a yellow car in New York, you join hundreds of thousands of other people in the city. “It’s easy to get lost and blend in with the crowd,” said Atich. “But if someone sees you getting into their taxi, you’ve just made a mountain of problems and issues come to light.”

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How King Charles Reacted to Harry and Meghan’s Car Chase

After Harry and Meghan’s car drive, King Charles kept on with his trip to Ireland. But recently, an insider said that the freshly crowned monarch is now “breathing a sigh of relief” because the couple has stopped doing interviews, shows, and book projects about the royal family.

A source said of the Sussexes’ choice, “That time in their lives is over, and there’s nothing else to say.” The news was also confirmed by Charles Rae, who used to cover the royal family for The Sun. “Everyone in the Royal Family is very careful about what they say when Harry and Meghan are around,” he told GB News.

“What they don’t want is for what they’ve said to end up in some kind of documentary or book,” he said. “And I’m sure that many people in the different houses, including the King, are sitting back in their chairs and letting out a sigh of relief today. I just hope they can keep it that way.”

But Harry is still thinking about making a film about his late mother. Rae said, “Let’s wait and see if they really do this.” “They’re supposedly going to stop criticizing the royal family and start working at Netflix.”

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