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Fans Are Wondering After Seeing a Recent Photo of Joanna Gaines in the Hospital


Joanna Gaines has been on our television screens for nearly a decade, transforming houses into homes. The Fixer Upper prodigy, along with her husband, Chip, seems nearly immortal at this point.

With many spinoffs, a complete television network, and partnerships with retailers such as Target, the duo is difficult to overlook. Joanna recently uploaded a selfie of herself in the hospital, prompting worried responses from admirers.

Mortality has unexpectedly snuck in! Obviously, the design world would be a different place without Joanna, and people are understandably inquisitive about what occurred.

Is Joanna Gaines unwell? We’re crossing our fingers and praying for the best.

Is Joanna Gaines Sick?

Joanna isn’t sick, so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, but she did have a fairly minor surgery. Joanna wrote in an Instagram post that she hurt her back while cheerleading in high school. Joanna says that it was “basically a basket toss that turned into an injury,” and that she has been in pain ever since.

She said, “I had my first microdiscectomy in 2001, and I had to cancel my second date with Chip Carter Gaines because of it. Two weeks ago, I had the same procedure done on another disc.”


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She says that the stress of the holidays is making her back feel funny, and boy, do we get it. Joanna, who is always upbeat, turned this frown upside down by writing a poem about being forced to stay in bed.

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“It has been a gift to just sit still, look around at all the beauty, and be still,” she wrote. She then wished everyone a “beautiful Christmas week” and signed off. Joanna also reminded us that “not everything will go as planned, but may you find the beauty and wonder of the here and now.”


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Speaking of the holidays, Joanna just wrote a book about her life that would make a great gift.

Joanna Gaines’ biography is full of honesty and gratitude

Joanna recently spoke with People about what it takes to make her life so far into a book. Surprisingly, the idea for composing it came from a sense of being “burned out.”

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The 44-year-old business magnate needed to unwind, so she traveled back in time. “I was about to turn 44 when I realized that the last 10 years had felt like a blur,” she explained.


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“It was fast, thrilling, and there was so much to be thankful for, yet something inside of me simply felt tired. I wanted to travel back in time and relive the experiences I had missed along the way.” Joanna’s memoir, The Stories We Tell, came together once she began journaling.

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“I never thought I’d discuss this with anyone at first,” she told People. “But then I realized in that vulnerability, if it encourages one other person to write their story down so that they can see that clarity and purpose in their own life, it’s worth it.”

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