Dylan Mulvaney shows her face after surgery

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Dylan Mulvaney shows her face after surgery; see how her fans react?


Dylan Mulvaney, a popular TikTok user, has now released an after-video showcasing their amazing change. Dylan had performed a countdown before this to demonstrate their enthusiasm.

Their social media fans were eager to see how the operation had changed the celebrity, and Dylan had been teasing the face reveal for a while. After waiting for weeks, Dylan has at last shown the outcome of their facial feminization procedure.

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Dylan had teased before the surgery

Dylan had teased the surgery in a TikTok video a few days before the procedure. T-minus 2 days!!! was written there by Dylan, who had tased the patients’ procedure.


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Facial Feminization surgery,” was written in the video’s in-text. After the operation, Dylan provided an update in a different video and reassured their followers that recovery was progressing well.

A nice reminder as we begin the new year—not all trans persons seek confirming surgery or hormones, Dylan says in the film. Still trans, they are. But when we do, it’s essential and successful.

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Dylan has always been confident in themselves, even before the operation, and they continue to stand tall as they present the outcomes of their face surgery.

Dylan Mulvaney Reveals Face After Surgery

On January 27, Dylan finally revealed their results in a new video after teasing the face reveal on social media.


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Dylan is shown removing the red drapes and displaying the makeover, calling it Facial Feminization.” They made the decision to dazzle in not one, but 2 separate outfits.

Not to mention that Dylan had flawless makeup that accentuated their facial characteristics. Overall, Dylan maintained their wonderful appearance since they were as confident in their new look as they had always been.

Dylan Mulvaney’s Fans Support Her After Surgery

Dylan’s supporters showed up quickly in support of them. People were so ecstatic with the change that the comment box was overflowing with supportive remarks.

The most gorgeous girl in the world, according to one user! “Gorgina Gorgina Gorgina!!!!!” said another. I’m very thrilled for you; you’re gorgeous on the inside and out.

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“She is really lovely. both earlier and later. Only now are you comfortable in your own skin,” another user said. In the kitchen on this lovely Friday, crying. One more person wrote, “You are gorg, you are really lovely.

Dylan Mulvaney’s Age and Early Life

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Fans are looking up the biography of Dylan Mulvaney, a model, actress, comedian, TikTok star, content creator, social media influencer, media personality, and entrepreneur. The biography of Dylan Mulvaney and many more facts are available here.

On December 29, 1996, Dylan Mulvaney was born. People are avidly looking for Dylan Mulvaney’s biography as a result of his rising fame. Yes, the biography of Dylan Mulvaney is provided here.

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Let’s start with Dylan Mulvaney’s age: the biographer estimates that he is 26 years old. Dylan Mulvaney is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

On December 29, 1996, Dylan Mulvaney was born. Dylan Mulvaney is 26 years old, as is noted in the table of his biographical information. The American city of San Diego is the place of Dylan Mulvaney’s birth.

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