Dua Lipa Almost Got Arrested When She Was 15 For Assaulting A Cop

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Dua Lipa Almost Got Arrested When She Was 15 For Assaulting A Cop

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After a few years of trying to be a singer, Dua Lipa became famous in 2015 with her song “Be The One.” Since then, she has been able to make hit after hit, and it doesn’t look like her success will end any time soon.

People often say that rock ‘n’ roll stars live a rock ‘n’ roll life. Dua is more of a pop star than a rock ‘n’ roll star, but she seems to have lived that kind of life, at least when she was young. A famous person once said that she had a little run-in with the law.

Who Is Dua Lipa?

Over the years, Dua’s name has led to a lot of misunderstanding. People who are famous often go by a fake name in public and only tell their closest friends and family what their real name is.

People have thought Dua’s name is a stage name for many years, probably because it’s not a popular name, especially in the UK, where she now lives. But some people might not know that Dua is from an Albanian family and that her name is also Albanian.

Dua Lipa Almost Got Arrested When She Was 15 For Assaulting A Cop

Her name means “love” in Albanian, but she didn’t like it when she was younger because it was too unusual. She grew up in London and didn’t move back to Kosovo with her family until she was eight years old, so she didn’t know any other kids with the same name.

Dua Lipa: Where Is She From?

Dua became an Albanian citizen even though she was born and raised in London for the first few years of her life. Dua has talked a lot about Kosovo, which is where her family is from. Because she is an Albanian and has put Albania on the map by talking about her nationality in public, Albania’s president has chosen to give her citizenship in November 2022.

This was helped even more by the fact that she and her father started the Sunny Hill Foundation in 2016. The foundation’s only goal is to raise money for poor people in Kosovo by putting on a show every year.

Because of these shows, the mayor of Pristina, which is the capital of Kosovo, gave her the keys to the city in 2018. However, after failing a question on Vanity Fair’s lie detector test in 2021, it was thought that she had lost these keys. Dua still says that she hasn’t, though.

Dua Lipa Was Almost Arrested Once!

Dua was almost arrested when she was 15 years old, which is something, not many people know about her. Even though many people will be surprised by this, the reason she was almost arrested is actually a very simple one.

Dua Lipa Almost Got Arrested When She Was 15 For Assaulting A Cop

During an interview with Popjustice, Dua talked about a time when she was at a friend’s house in London. She said that she and her friend were doing something that seemed harmless, but a police officer happened to be going by at the same time.

They were in her friend’s en-suite bathroom filling a bathtub with bubbles, as you do, but then they realized there were way too many bubbles. Not knowing how to get rid of the bubbles, the two people chose to get some out of the bath and throw them out the bathroom window.

But, sadly for the girls, the police officer was walking by her friend’s house at this time, on the path that went right under the bathroom window. As the girls kept throwing bubbles out the window, some of them hit the police officer.

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Even though bubbles aren’t very heavy, it’s illegal to throw anything at a police officer. This officer and the others with him thought that this was enough reason to arrest the girls and threatened to take them to the police station.

This made it clear that the girls were scared, and Dua told the police officers that the girls were only 15 years old and begged them not to arrest them. Her pleas seemed to work, and when the cops saw how young the girls were, they decided to let her go.


Dua Lipa is a pop star from Albania who has become an Albanian citizen and raised money for poor people in Kosovo. Her name has led to misunderstanding, but she is from an Albanian family and her name means “love” in Albanian.

Dua Lipa was almost arrested when she was 15 when she and her friend threw bubbles out a bathroom window, but the police officers saw her pleas and let her go.

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