Did Taylor Swift Make an Absolute Power Move in Her 'feud' With Katy Perry?

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Did Taylor Swift Make an Absolute Power Move in Her ‘feud’ With Katy Perry?

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Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are two of the biggest pop stars in the world, but the fact that they used to not be friends has been made clear more than once. This claimed “feud” had been going on for a long time and showed no signs of ending.

Even though it’s not clear which singer is to blame for how long the fallout lasted, it seems clear that Taylor is at least partly to blame because she used a certain power move to get ahead of Katy in the charts.

What Did Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Have Against Each Other?

Even though neither Taylor Swift nor Katy Perry said it directly, most fans know what the fight between them was about. This fight was thought to have started in 2013 when both stars were on different tours and only three dancers were involved. Those dancers were supposed to be on Taylor’s show, but Katy asked them to join hers instead.

Since they didn’t dance much with Taylor, they chose to leave, and this was just the start of their problems. They are also said to have each written songs about the other. Taylor’s song “Bad Blood” is supposed to be about her fight with Katy, and Katy’s song “Swish Swish,” which came out a few years later, is also supposed to be about Taylor.

Did Taylor Swift Make an Absolute Power Move in Her 'feud' With Katy Perry?

Neither singer has said for sure that their songs are about the other, but fan theories have helped the idea spread. As of now, most people think the idea is right.

Did Taylor Swift Respond to the Fight With Katy Perry?

During the feud, they were always trying to “one-up” each other. Katy has even been accused of trying to keep the feud going by bringing up Taylor’s name whenever she could to get some attention (which helped if she had a new album or single coming out at the same time).

But Taylor isn’t a saint either. She has been accused of making the feud last longer than it needed to so that her music would be higher on the charts than Katy’s. Everything was because of Spotify.

Fans may or may not remember that Taylor once wouldn’t let her music be streamed on Spotify or any other service besides Apple Music because she didn’t like how “paid album sales had dropped dramatically” and didn’t like the idea of music being free.

All of this seemed to change three years later, in 2017, when Taylor made the shocking decision to come back to Spotify and all other streaming services. It was said that the choice was made to thank fans for helping her album “1989” sell 10 million copies around the world. However, many people seemed to think there was more to it than that.

Did Taylor Swift Make an Absolute Power Move in Her 'feud' With Katy Perry?

Many people noticed that Katy’s record “Witness” came out on the same day that Taylor Swift put her music back on streaming services. No one knows if Taylor had talked to the streaming services before this date or how long they had been talking about letting the music come out at the same time on each channel.

But there is no way at all that Taylor didn’t know Katy’s record was coming out on that date.

All of this happened when the two were in the middle of their fight, and even though they have since made up, this isn’t likely to have made things better. Some people might see this as Taylor using her power to get what she wants, while others might see it as a childish move.

In 2023, Are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Close?

At the time of this writing, it is unknown if they are still friends, but it is thought that they stopped fighting in 2018, after five years of fighting. Katy sent Taylor a literal olive tree, and Taylor sent Katy some homemade cookies to make up for it.

Katy even made a brief appearance in Taylor’s video for her song “You Need to Calm Down,” and there were rumors that Taylor would join Katy on American Idol to perform Katy’s single “Daisies.” However, this never happened.

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Around the same time that this song came out, there were also rumors that Katy and Taylor might be making music together, but this also never happened. We don’t know if they will decide to do this or not in the end.


Taylor Swift and Katy Perry had a long-running feud, with Taylor accused of using a power move to get ahead of Katy in the charts. Fan theories suggest Taylor used a power move to get ahead of Katy in the charts. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have since made up, but it is unknown if they are still friends.

Taylor sent Katy an olive tree and cookies to make up for it, but there were rumors that they might be making music together.

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