Did Larsa Pippen Get Plastic Surgery?

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Did ‘RHOM’ Star Larsa Pippen Get Plastic Surgery?

Mai K. Sosa

Larsa Pippen, a former reality TV star and ex-wife of NBA legend Scottie Pippen, has been a subject of public fascination for years. The Real Housewives of Miami star has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors for years, and she hasn’t shied away from addressing them.

Known for her glamorous lifestyle and high-profile connections, Larsa has recently sparked speculation about the possibility of plastic surgery.

Over the years, Larsa Pippen’s physical appearance has undergone noticeable changes. From her days on reality television to her active presence on social media, fans have observed a transformation that has fueled rumors of cosmetic enhancements.

The nature of these changes, whether attributed to makeup, filters, or surgical procedures, has become a hot topic of discussion among followers of celebrity culture. As fans and onlookers attempt to unravel the mysteries behind her ever-evolving appearance, the question remains: Did Larsa Pippen undergo plastic surgery?

Did Larsa Pippen Get Plastic Surgery?

Larsa’s curvaceous body, big lips, and youthful beauty have fueled conjecture about plastic surgery for years. The Real Housewives of Miami actress has been open about her medical procedures.

Did Larsa Pippen Get Plastic Surgery?

“I had my nose pierced. My lips have been done. And that’s pretty much it,” Larsa stated at the Real Housewives of Miami reunion in March 2022, adding that she had her breasts done before season 3 of the show.

Her game is without remorse. Larsa described herself as “very progressive” when it came to undergoing surgery. “I’m into trends, and whatever makes me feel and look good, I’m willing to do.” “I’m that person,” she went on. “I’m very happy with the way I look.”

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Larsa criticized suggestions that she’s had a buttlift or enhancement to her curves.

“I literally work out seven days a week,” the Chicago native explained to Andy Cohen, the host of the show. “If you look at my photos from five years ago, you’ll see that I was less than 100 pounds. I’m 140 pounds now, so my legs appear thicker than they used to, and my arms look thicker than they used to. My entire body has transformed… My body is tense when I exercise.”

Did Larsa Pippen Get Plastic Surgery?

She has also spoken openly about using UltraShape, a non-invasive technique that employs ultrasonic waves to target and eliminate fat cells, alongside Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Horn.

“UltraShape gives me more confidence,” Larsa commented about the surgery in a blog post in 2018. “I eat well and exercise regularly, but some areas are resistant to all of my efforts.” The inches are gone with UltraShape.”

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Overall, the Chicago native wants to be comfortable in her own flesh. “Confidence is appealing to both men and women. “I appreciate your curves, stretch marks, and smile lines,” the mother-of-four wrote on her blog at the time. “Love yourself and treat yourself like the desirable woman you are.”

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