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Denise Van Outen Pregnant: True or Rumors?


Want to know if Denise Van Outen is pregnant? Well, we are referring to the presenter from The Big Breakfast who is making headlines with her new boyfriend.

Apparently, he has brought a grin to her face. Fans are more interested in Denise Van Outen’s pregnancy than in her current relationship. So, is that the case? Before proceeding, let’s explore briefly Denise Van Outen’s significance.

Denise Van Outen is a multitalented celebrity beginning with the basics. She is an actor as well as a presenter. Denise, who was born on May 27, 1974, is now 48 years old and is from Basildon, Essex. Her portrayal of Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago has earned her a significant amount of notoriety.

Babes in the Wood, Born To Shine, EastEnders, Loose Women, Neighbours, Steph’s Packed Lunch, etc. are included in the list of Denise Van Outen’s major works.

Without forgetting to mention, Denise also has excellent dance talents. Because of this, she ended up in second place during Season 10 of Strictly Come Dancing. Denise Van Outen is also well-known for her narration of TOWIE.

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Regarding Denise Van Outen’s pregnancy speculations, the actress is already a mother. After her birth, more than a decade passed. What about today, though? Is Denise pregnant? Who is her companion? Her breakup with Lee Mead produced a great deal of turmoil.

After that, she developed a love relationship with commodities dealer Eddie Boxshall. It survived until January 2022, though. This is all we know about whether or not Denise Van Outen is pregnant.

Denise Van Outen Pregnant: True or Rumors

No. The actress isn’t really pregnant as of February 2023. In other words, the presenter is not expecting her second kid at this time. The pregnancy rumors about Denise are thus false and make no sense. Why? Indeed, there are several causes, each of which we will examine individually.

When becoming a mother, women are often delighted, pleased, and, of course, anxious. In recent years, the majority of individuals have been quite socially active. Isn’t it? Whether it’s positive or negative news, individuals update it on social media as a means of sharing it with others.

Even superstars end up updating their followers with formal statements about their personal lives. Denise Van Outen has not done anything like that. She did not provide any indications that she was pregnant.

Next comes the most noticeable pregnancy symptom: the expanding baby bump. If you follow Denise on social media, you must have seen how fit she has become in her most recent photos.

It is not an indication of pregnancy. In addition, Denise Van Outen has not expressed her desire to have another child in the near future. Therefore, we wonder what sparked the reports about Denise’s pregnancy.

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Denise Van Outen was blessed with a daughter in 2010, whom she named Betsy. Lee Mead, her ex-husband, is her daughter’s biological father. So, Betsy is now a mature adult.

What is Denise Van Outen up to? After ending her relationship with Eddie, she began dating Jimmy Barba. They debuted together on the red carpet at the 12th annual Grand Prix Ball.

None of them has disclosed their plans as of yet. Still, if Denise Van Outen’s pregnancy rumors turn out to be genuine, we would be ecstatic. Oh, that’s good!

Best wishes for the future days of Denise Van Outen’s life. We consider her to be an excellent mother to Betsy. Wishing her child lots of love. You may follow Denise’s Instagram account for updates of this nature.

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