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Deion Patterson’s Wife: The Alleged Victim of the Atlanta Shooting

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In the following article, you will learn about Deion Patterson’s wife, the alleged victim of the Atlanta shooting. Deion is wanted for the murder of one woman and the attempted murder of four others in Atlanta’s Midtown.

After a seven-hour manhunt, police in Georgia located and arrested Deion Patterson in connection with the shooting at an Atlanta hospital that left one lady dead and four others injured.

An undercover cop apprehended 24-year-old Patterson and found a firearm on him. Before the incident, the suspect’s mother had taken him to the hospital to get medication for his nervousness. In the lobby, she claims, he lost it.

On Wednesday night, police found and arrested Patterson, charging him with murder and four counts of aggravated assault. The United States Coast Guard has acknowledged that Patterson was an Electrician’s Mate 2nd Class in their organization from July 2018 until January 2023.

Is Atlanta Shooter Deion Patterson Married?

Since he became famous for the shooting, many have speculated about the suspect’s marital status, but no details about his alleged partner or spouse have been made public. But there has been no public discussion of his wife. It appears that he is not currently in a relationship with anyone.

Deion Patterson Wife

There is a lack of information regarding his former marriage. Deion has been silent, and nobody in his family has shown any interest in what’s going on. Given his age, the suspect might not have been engaged or married just yet. Given the lack of details concerning his family life, it’s safe to infer he didn’t have any kids.

Deion Patterson Family

Deion Patterson’s mother is named Minyone. He’s the suspected shooter who opened fire in an Atlanta hospital, killing one and wounding four.

No one knows anything about Deion Patterson’s family other than his mother, Minyone, who is helping the police by providing information. Minyone Patterson, Patterson’s mother, said her son grew “enraged” in the hospital lobby.

His mother told The Daily Beast that the VA prescribed him medication that made him angry and that all he needed was an Ativan to treat his anxiety. While the others were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment, one woman died at the scene.

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Three patients were listed in serious condition, while two others were undergoing surgery, as reported by Dr. Robert Jansen, Chief Medical Officer of Grady Health System. While the gunman was still at large, several Atlanta schools were placed on lockdown as a precaution.

Update: Deadly Shooting in Midtown Atlanta

U.S. Marshals arrested Deion Patterson on Wednesday night, who they suspect was responsible for the murder of one lady and the injury of four others in Atlanta’s Midtown. Patterson, the suspect in the incident, allegedly opened fire in the hospital’s 11th-floor waiting area.

Deion Patterson Wife

He only stayed for a couple of minutes. Authorities urged people to stay away from Midtown, specifically West Peachtree Street between 12th and 13th Streets. The Midtown Atlanta shooting had only female victims. The deceased has been named Amy St. Pierre, 39. A 71-year-old, a 56-year-old, a 39-year-old, and a 25-year-old were the other injured victims.

When they arrived at Grady Memorial Hospital, three of the injured women were in severe condition and required immediate surgery; the fourth was stable. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement expressing sympathy for St. Pierre’s family.



All of the victims are women, ages 25 to 71. Amy St. Pierre, 39, was found dead; she worked for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. The male suspect is the subject of a $10,000 prize for information leading to his arrest and prosecution. The suspect’s mother, who was with him in the hospital at the time, escaped unharmed.

Injured people are being cared for at Grady Memorial Hospital right now. Three victims were reportedly brought in in such bad shape that they needed immediate surgery, as reported by Associate Chief of Neurosurgery Sanjay Gupta. The fourth victim is doing well and should avoid surgery.


Deion Patterson is wanted for the murder of one woman and the attempted murder of four others in Atlanta’s Midtown. His mother, Minyone, is helping the police by providing information, and he is not currently in a relationship with anyone.

U.S. Marshals arrested Deion Patterson, who is suspected of murdering one lady and injuring four others in Midtown Atlanta. The Suspect’s mother escaped unharmed.

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